Daddy left us alone

Its just me and mommy fighting on our own

Why did he leave?

Why did he cheat?

Does he not love me, are we not good enough?

Mommy cries everynight

I just want her to stop

Why do I have to be strong one?

Pretending like I'm okay

Pretending like everythings alright

Daddy says its not his fault

I know the truth

He is a liar

Mommy tries to care of me

Knowing that I'm only a kid and can't do anything kills me

I feel like I'm baggage

I feel like I'm a burden

Years have passed and we make due fine

Daddy comes back into my life

thinking that everythings fine

I'm angry, pissed

Want to scream

Why does he think he just be like that?

He says he missed the way it was

Then why did you break this family in the first place...