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Chapter 1: The beginning

Ah yes, this is where the story begins. In a nice little town called "Treewind" where the folks were nice, well that was when they were having a good day. There was complete silence outside, but the only thing you could hear was the crickets. Treewind was a tiny village in the middle of the woods, no many knew about the place and that was good, no one brought trouble with them. They were a united little village, when it was someone's birthday the folks would celebrate it till dawn. You could say this was the ideal place to live for anyone.

Right in front of the river was a log where anyone could go when they were feeling stressed out, or just to get away from everything. People at times sat there for hours forgetting all their problems, yes this was the perfect place to live.

That's where he stood, a young boy who appeared to be the age of eighteen. He sat on the log looking at the water and the fishes that swam in it. He had a short messy black hair, and clothes that looked he had made himself. On his waist he had a pouch where he kept all his money, or other things he found important or found. He got along well with the villagers, except there were some that for some reason hated him… and he knew the reason well. Shaking his head he got up and stretched.

His name was Cyan.

He had no family what so ever, the only thing that kept him going were two other young boys who were his best friends. They weren't the best influence in the world but he cared so deeply for them.

"Cyan!" A voice from the distance called out to the boy. Cyan turned around and it was him, his best friend running towards him. "Hey, I was looking all over for you." The boy had pale skin and brown hair that was just a bit longer than Cyan's. On his arm he wore a bandana of some sort the same one that Cyan was wearing except on his right arm.

"Yeah you know I just needed some time away from the village." He simply said with a shrug and turned around to face the river again. "What did you need? Don't you have…to you know… do your erm—" He didn't know how to use the word, and he hated using it in the first place. Scammers. That was what they were, they scammed the villagers to buy some of their made up products, and people fell for it. Cyan hated doing that and on top of that he was terrible at it, people actually laughed when he tried so he stopped.

"No not today, did you seriously forget what today is?" There was rage now in the boy's voice, but he didn't want to show it, not today. "Whatever, here." Reaching to his pocket the taller boy gave Cyan a stone that had a weird looking moon in the middle.

Cyan observed it and smiled widely, "Wow, this is neat! What is it?"

"Idiot." The other boy mumbled under his breath, "It's a stone; I don't know it's supposed to protect you from harm and stuff. I bought it for you earlier today, since you know it's our 9 year anniversary since we met."

No. NO. He had completely forgotten hat today was their anniversary since they met, oh what an idiot he was. Cyan had gotten nothing for his friends, oh how was he going to repay them? "Hey, Caleb I'm sorry, I'll—I'll give you something don't worry!"

"Hey don't worry 'bout it, honestly I'm just glad our friendship has lasted this long…"

9 years of scamming people didn't seem that bad… at least not when you thought about it, but in the end cyan loved both his best friends. Agh, he felt like such an idiot for forgetting but so many things had been going through his head. "Me too…"

And with that the conversation was over and the two headed back to the village walking side by side. Cyan noticed the strange looks from some of the older people but he didn't pay mind, they were usually the ones that hated someone for no season. From the corner of his eyes he noticed an old lady carrying an unusual heavy backpack, and letting the other know Cyan went to go see if she needed help.

He had never seen the lady before, and it was unsual for someone to come this far into the forest. Perhaps she was lost? "Do you need help?" He asked in a soft voice, the lady looked at him with her tired eyes. Her skin was a pale gray, and he clothes ripped apart. Something had to have happened to her to come so far from wherever she was from.

Shaking her head, the lady sat down taking out a can of water from her backpack, and began to drink it. "They are after me." Was all she had managed to say for a few minutes before continuing, "You have to hide this for me." She reached into her backpack again and took out a book, "Ancient Mythology" was written in faded out letters.

Cyan looked at her with confused eyes, and took the book from her. He opened it a bit and saw pictures of human birds, in a language that he couldn't understand. Maybe someone in the mainland would but he was sure that no one in his village would be able to read it. Skimming more through it, he saw some pages tore off and began to wonder why she would give him such a book. "What do you want me to do with this? I know you said take care of it but I have no use what so ever."

"Young man, please just please take care of it. I don't have much time left." And with that last sentence she was gone into the distance, walking fast, Cyan was unable to catch up to her.

"Hey…!" He called out to the lady but she was already far off into the distance, that by each passing second she became more distance. Finally she had disappeared. A confused Cyan stood there holding the book, trying to make sense of the foreign language but it was something he had never seen before. "I can't make sense of any of these random letters! I don't even know the stupid language."

"Weird book, you got there!" The voice was different but Cyan knew who it belonged to, and a smile spread across his face. "Who gave it to ya?" The figure came walking from the distance, it was Ethan, Cyan's other best friend who was way less serious than his brother Caleb.

"Oh this?" He tossed him the book, hoping that maybe he would know something but he doubted it. "I don't really know exactly what even happened. Some lady just came here and gave it to me and left."

"Weird. It has some weird pictures and writing that's all I can tell ya."

"I wasn't even…" He tried to hold back his anger, "Anyways, Happy anniversary…"

Caleb smiled and hugged Cyan tightly then letting go, "Happy Anniversary!"

There was complete silence between the two until people started talking more loudly than usual, something was happening. Cyan grabbed the book from the other and rushed to see what was happening. Someone was holding a some kind of poster saying that the prince was going to be in the middle land in a few days, people wanted to go see him. The boy smiled widely; maybe this was his chance to finally get to say some of the things he had been holding back for years to the prince.

The whole earth was divided into two places the middle land and the highland where anyone with money or had invented something lived. Cyan and his friends lived in the middle land, and he was angered by that, he wanted the whole world to be united but sadly every time he told someone that idea they laughed.

"Oh no I know that look, what are you thinking?" Spoke Caleb tapping Cyan on the shoulder. He knew that looks well, and it was usually when Cyan had something in mind, and half those things never ended in a good note. "Don't tell me you're actually planning to go?"

"Well Yeah, I am." He simply replied back, trying to listen more. He was going to be in Honey wind City in a few days and Cyan had to be there to tell him some stuff. Maybe the prince would let him join his army, and he could finally do something with his life. "I'm going."

"What?" Said Caleb and Ethan in unison.

"I'm going! I'm leaving tonight, I have to see this!"

"Oh come on, you know we have to do stuff here!" Caleb tried to convince him but when the boy set his mind to something he would stick to it till the end.

There was a pause for a few minutes until Ethan said something with a smile upon his face, "Yeah I'm going too! Someone needs to take care of this moron. Besides… you can just do business here bro."

"So I have to do all this business, while you two have fun?!" Caleb made a disgust sound with his mouth, and turned around on his heel walking back to his house. He couldn't believe those two would make him do all the work, they really were immature idiots. He just hoped that they wouldn't get into any kind of trouble or else... "Fine, go just come back as soon as you can. I don't think I can handle all this work alone."

Cyan nodded happily, noticing he still held the book. "Do you know anything about this, someone gave it to me and—"

Caleb snatched the book in a hurry; he had a passion for ancient books. It was something that he liked to keep hidden, and in a way his weakness. Ever since he could remember, books were always on the top of his list, he loved to read anything that had to do with ancient civilizations. He examined the book closely and noticed something… it couldn't be. "Who gave it to you?"

"Maybe if you had let me finished I would have told you." Cyan snapped back. "Some lady, she just gave it to me and… I don't know what it says."

"This tells about the ancient bird tribe that has been extinct for years. Weird, I don't see why she could give you such a thing. Mind…" He began, trying to find the words. He always felt embarrassed when it came to books.

"Of course you can borrow it, just give it back to me!" Cyan finished his sentence with a smile. "Well I should be getting ready to leave…and… I'm sorry for forgetting our anniversary guys…"

"Hey, don't worry 'bout it! You can just pay me back by buying me food in Honeywind!"

Cyan sighed and patted the boy on the back; he was glad that they could understand somehow. He looked over at Caleb who was reading the book, he couldn't admit it but he looked kind of adorable when he got lost in the books. And with that Cyan went to go get ready, ready to go meet the prince and hope that maybe his proposition would hit him.

And this marked the beginning of the end.

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