FictionPress 12/9/12 Reflection

Authors Note: I don't care about misspelling on this little thing because it's just my reflection about this site.

Today I found an interesting site to jump on. A site to where I can just write down my own stories in hope people care about them. So far fiction press for me is pretty good. I first uploaded my poems in hopes to catch people's attention in which I have successfully done. I got feedback for a poem I don't usually do but unfortunately I couldn't respond back because im a new member. I learned my own little technique called fishing people. I learned that it's good to give out a lot more poems because its short and easily to get into rather than some other long series that I decided to do. Because honestly while trying to get into other peoples stories it was kind of a chore because on some I made myself wanting to like what they wrote in hopes they will go look at mine. Not saying peoples work is bad. Now I gave myself kind of a sundy job. Upload Poems and a chapter of my long series and after a while maybe I will catch peoples attention when they see how active I am. Anywho wish me luck Ill do these ever time I upload something on this site.