FictionPress Reflections 12/29/12

Authors Note: I don't care about misspelling on this little thing because it just my reflection on this site.

So first off I want to give a nice little shout out to DarknessesDownfall, xXTheOtakuFaeryXx, David Santura and emm I think that's it really. Im giving these people little shoutouts because they actually made me more pumped up to do my stories on this sight. FeedBack on this site is very scare and im still trying to figure out how certain people get thousands of people to be crazy about one story chapter they uploaded. If anyone have any Idea tell me cause im interested. Lol. I have no track meet today so I stayed up all night typing all my stories and I hope someone get interested in reading them. Also the guy that offered me the little job thingy messaged me back annnnnnnnd (drum roll) he didn't want me. WHOOOOMP lmao dude just wanted to steal some ideas jk jk im sure he had good reasons. Other than that hopefully I get better feedback next week because nothing interesting this week. Any who check out my story "Universe 2: The Wasteland Chronicles" "Sex with an abomination" My awesome poems. I Kind of want to try out humor just for the hell of it but I got a lot to do already. Be sure to comment favorite and follow my stories. I'll be back next Sunday, You guys be safeā€¦ I'm out.