Okay well let's see, i guess for a start, I'll introduce myself. I'm 13 years old, i have light brown wavy hair, and i surprise people at what i do. I am a cross breed of an angle and demon!

You could say I'm a fugitive but not one that's been sent to exile, not yet anyway. The reason is because of one huge mistake i made. I ran away.

Sure, i had all i could ever want considering that i belonged to a rich family, have 3 adoring sisters, and absolutely amazing teachers who could work with me anytime.
But that's not the case.

I may look sweet and well behaved on the outside but really I want to get out, have some fun, and break a rule or two.

Being future head of the YUAHG (aka: young undercover agents heavenly gifts) academy.

On the outside we are seen as brilliant kids that are awarded the chance to go to school, but really it's a school for "gifted" children who have powers and they are here to learn how to control them.

This whole thing started was basically when my real parents died.

I was left at an orphanage when i was real young and i got adopted by these rich high class adults who sadly couldn't have a child of their own.

The reason i found out about me being an orphan was of my parents will.

In there will it stated if they were in an unfortunate accident , when i turned 13 i would have to be sent to YUAHG academy so that i may reactive training for my "gifts".

So a few months after my 13th birthday, I received a letter stating for me to be sent to YUAHG academy.

Clearly when my parents read about this they thought i wasn't smart enough (for the academy that is).

I mean growing up with 3 other sisters; you got used to people believing that there was something wrong with me.

Only my sisters knew what i did and one of them hated me for it.

But when my parents rejected the idea of me going to the academy I knew I had to get them to sign that registration format one way or another.

Back to the topic, i remember little of my childhood. What i do remember is when i was moving from my real parents to my adopted ones, although i recall having a friend growing up.

Zack, i think was his name. We always played together and when he was moving i remember his parents saying something about him being sent to an academy called YUAGH, so I decided we weren't going to be separated, and I decided to get into that exact academy.

I figured if they asked about what this really was they would take it so I made a plan
when I had got them to sign it, i lied and told them it was a field trip slip.

The same night i packed my bags and snuck out, even though it was 2 days before school started i left a note saying I was staying at a friend's house...honestly it was in the woods near our home where I hung out with the little creatures in the forest but they were like friends...to me that is.

Ever since i was little i was able to get along with them, so they were very special to me. I even got them to help me hide a phone, and a credit card i got without my parents knowing. The only problem now was that i needed a way to get to the academy. Maybe I'll meet some people like me!

authors note: this is my first story so so id aprecciate comment ima put up another chapter called: strange encounter. I hope u enjoyed my first story ye!^u^