The Following Story Is So Awesome That You Might Die. Beware.

The Marcus Ride Chronicles


Age:7 1/2

United States:California:Unknown Location

Put Me Down. That's what they said they were going to do to me. I don't know what that means. Me and Angel have been stuck in this cold, dark room for a long time, I don't know what getting "put down" means, but it dosen't sound good. A man in a lab coat enters the room. "You are #123-546-7899. you are wanted in lab 5, you too, #677-879-223." Both me and angel were dragged out of our cages. "Oh and fold your wings in. That will make you easier to carry out after you're down." Yes that's right, wings. Me and Angel were expirements to see if a human could grow feathers. We both got lucky and got wings, before we were born. We were called things like: mistakes, flawed creatures, it, failure, prototype and malfunctioned. I don't know what that means, but probably something bad. The guy in the coat picked us up and threw us into a white, "sanitized" room. It smelled funny. The guy said: "you two are to stay right here, you will be dealt with shortly." and with that he strode out through the door. "Are we gonna' die?" asked Angel. She started to cry. I held her tight, trying to keep her from crying. I feel bad when Angel cries. I feel really bad when Angel cries. I love her, as a friend. After all, we have been together from the start; In the next cage over, in the same shots room, at the physical exams. She is special to me, because she is the only thing I have left to care about. I turned around to see if they had come yet. I didn't see anyone. But I did notice a bunch of sticks with notches on a ring on the floor. It looked like the sticks would fit into the metal box on our cage. I reached out and grabbed it. I shoved one of the sticks into the hole on the gray box and turned it, like I had seen other people do. The cage went "clink" and the door opened! I crawled out, then stood. I then ran over to Angels cage and did the same thing I did for my cage. With a "clink" her cage opened too. "Lets go, before they come back." And so we ran out the door and down the hall. While running I bumped into another guy in a white coat. "ONE ESCAPED!" he yelled. Darn. Eventually we came to a hall with two glass and steel rectangles, with light pouring in from them. As we were running I heard footsteps behind us. I turned to see a guy in a white coat holding what looked like a steel hollow stick with a handle. The guy pointed the stick at Angel. I figured it was bad so I dove behind angel. I heard a loud bang, the stick flashed and I felt a sharp pain in my arm. Instictively I cuddled my arm in my other arm. I heard More bangs, but no more pain. I was feeling sleepy, my arm was dripping red. What was that about. I read a book in "School" that said if you saw red, compress it. I squeezed my arm. Angel Pressed a bar on the rectangle. And the Rectangle opened! I ran faster and out the opening. I unfolded my wings and took to the air. 6 years later...