The ice mocks him, not giving him the balance he needs. But Alexander can find balance in anything, even on a giant iceberg.

That's exactly what he does.

The cold sea that surrounds him; it's perfect for those with a water affinity. But Alexander has an earth affinity, and he is out of place.

He wonders if this is his punishment. For yesterday, the things he said. For being a failure, in every way he can think of. Alexander wonders, but he can wonder no more. His hour-long search has finally ended, and there is no turning back.

Alexander sees that person, who's very being fills him with venomous hatred. That person reminds him of a villain-a cruel beast from an adventure novel, and he briefly thinks of old times. But that doesn't last.

Alexander soon snaps out of his reverie. His two best friends are being held hostage, and there's no time to play around.

But he cannot defeat this foe—not alone. However, he does know what he must do. He knows what that will do to him.

He looks at the ice, he looks at the roaring sea. He sees his reflection clearly, and decides to use it as a mirror for his last stand.

"Elijah, Allison," he says, "I'm sorry."

They're yelling now, screaming at the top of their lungs. But Alexander focuses, and soon tunes them out.

He thinks of an onion.

'The Earth is like an onion,' he thinks, and I'll split it in two to save them.'

That is exactly what he does, and there are no regrets.

Alexander smiles, because he knows his element was useful.

He smiles, because he knows it helped save his precious people.

(This is his finale; let us hope he can begin a new tale.)

Entry by DreamswithJoy

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