Prologue: In the beginning

In the beginning of the golden age of the world it was my peoples ancestors that conquered the lands . It is said that in the years prior to our people discovering it, it was a place of great sin; filled with savages who refused to honor or even acknowledge the great gods who created them. They were ruled by their own selfish desires, masses of barbarians who knew nothing of self control. It was King Aurelius, said to be the most fierce warrior to ever walk the plains, who during one of his greatest adventures discovered this mass of land. His name did him no justice; not even the riches of gold could capture a man so flawless. A man favored by the gods themselves, and fabled to walk among them now. With the courage of the great eastern lions, as graceful as the white swans, and the strength of the strongest of armies.

The legends go on to say that after the discovery of new land, it took the warriors only a year to take the land from its original keepers. A small army of one hundred, lead by Aurelius, traveling the land from colony to colony either converting or massacring them. It was after taking control of these lands that he was chosen as king of the new country and was deemed King Aurelius the conqueror.

As time passed many travelers started to settle the new country. The land seemed to flourish under the great kings rule. But as Aurelius grew older even a man as mighty as he, began to grow lonely, and began to worry of the diminish of his bloodline. When rumors of this began to spread Kings traveled from the four corners of the globe to offer their daughters hand in marriage, each hoping their own daughter would capture the wealthy kings eye.

Time drew on and the king never seemed to be pleased with any women presented to him, until a king from a relatively small kingdom right outside his own brought fourth his daughter, Florentina. More beautiful than the moon itself and from a bloodline of great warriors, it is said that Aurelius fell in love at first sight. There kingdoms were merged under the agreement of marriage and not a month after the most lavish event either of the kingdoms had ever experienced took place, no money was spared for a women such a her. But as the years passed Florentina bore three children, none of which survived passed child birth. As years wore on Aurelius and Florentina began to grow increasingly frustrated. They grew older and they had yet to produce an heir, but contrary to his advisers pleads he thought to much of Florentina to take a second wife. Instead he begged the gods that loved him more than any other mortal to give him just one son.

The gods recognized his pleads to them and gave the king an ultimatum. Florentina would give him a healthy son before the new year came, the child would produce a line of powerful warriors; they would bear the favor of the gods just as their ancestor had until the last son of the line was gone, but only once would child of prophecy be born; he would be even greater than Aurelius and would bear great responsibility as well as power, he was to be the most magnificent king that the world had ever seen, conquering anything in his path, but with a level head. As stunning as Florentina and as strong as Aurelius. It is also stated though, that he will be the end of the line. But in return the king would have to have a large temple built in honor of the gods at the heart of the kings capitol where all would give thanks to all celestial beings, he was also to give his own life here; sacrificing himself to the gods on the eve of the new year, leaving his main adviser to rule until the child was ready. Without of moment of hesitation Aurelius complied with the gods

Sure enough the gods kept their promise and nine months later Florentina gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Agapios. Not long after Aurelius happily sacrificed himself for the love of his wife and son praying to meet with them again in the afterlife. But so stricken with grief over the loss of her love, Florentina slowly withered away during her sons early years, eventually meeting her end ten years after the birth of her son. But even as an orphan Agapios raised by servants he flourished. He became a world renowned warrior just as his father was and a king that would have made his Father proud.

But years passed and although some may have claimed the line never produced the child of prophecy; very child just as great as the last, never less or better. But it is on this note that our story begins.