Chapter One

I stand to the side of a street foot digging into the dirt of the ground with nothing but the tattered and dirt stained tunic on my back. People bustle around me, I hear bids and horses pulling wooden carriages pulling merchants and goods, as I try to pull the tunic around me closer in defense of the increasingly cool night air. I have waited here every day for the past five days. It was five days ago that my Mother left here with a promise to return with food. I had never been in a place like this before, I was born in the country and me and Mother only ever moved to small villages when her debts became too much. As I looked around me there was nothing small about this place, I had only ever heard stories about the capitol, where the royal family resided. Set next to the great ocean so close that you could taste the salt, with building as tall as a hundred of me. As I looked up into the distance I could see the royal palace, which was a stunning piece of artwork so great that it almost seemed to loom over the great city with its light color and large pillars and towers.

My stomach growled loudly as I tried to think of the last time that someone had given me food, and looked at me with a pitying smile. I wasn't surprised that mother hadn't returned I may only be ten but I could tell that she never cared for me as I did for her. I grew up with her sneer, not her smile and she made no point to hide that I was the worst thing to happen to her. She told me many times that it was my fault that my Father had left. I never met the man and if I did I was to young to remember, but I know I must have gotten all of my looks from him because I look nothing like my mother. Her hair is a dirty blonde and curly, her eyes small and brown with nice olive skin tone that most seem to have. My skin however is fair, my hair almost black, long and straight down my back since I don't have the means to cut it, my eyes blue and large.

I look over and see a shop with a display counter fully open and trusting. If I really wanted I could just walk by and swipe something like Mother used to have me do. At the time I didn't know that this little idea planted in my head would change the course of my life so drastically. After examining further I had made up my mine. My feet slowly carried me down the street towards the rich smell of freshly baked bread. I walked by and plucked a piece hesitantly and I tried to look discreet as my feet carried me away. My feet picked up instantly when I heard someone yell from behind me. But my efforts were in vain. I felt a large hand clasp the back of my tunic and raise me from the ground beneath me and carry me back.

"What is going on here?" I lifted my eyes from the ground looking directly at the most expensive looking man I had ever seen. He adorned a royal purple tunic and a cloak draped over his shoulders, both outlined in gold and made out of lavish fabric.

"I apologize your majesty, this brat was just caught stealing from my store." My eyes widened so this man was the king himself. I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing the great king. I felt unworthy to look at him so I threw my head down in respect but I could tell that he was inspecting me closely.

"Bring the boy to me." I was put down and shoved down and towards him as I heard murmurs from people all around us as a crowd formed. He lifted my head gently up to look at his face. He looks like a gruff sort of man, although he is undeniably handsome probably in his thirties or forties with a strong jaw dark hair and dark eyes to match. "Your have eyes that reflect the stars. Now tell me boy, why do you steal from this man, where are your parents?" His voice is soft as he looks at me with what seems to be genuine curiosity.

"My Mother left me here five days ago, I have not seen her since." He looks away from me for a second seemly contemplating something.

"You remind me much of somebody I used to know, my son needs a companion if you are without a home or place to eat I would like to offer you a place in my palace for the time being. My son is stubborn and refuses to take a companion of all of the boys that live in the palace already, so I will bring you to him. He will not refuse a gift from his Father."

My mouth hung open. Why a scrawny, malnourished orphan? But even if it was a joke all I could do was nod my head. "Very good then Marcus,Draco! Take him to the palace, place him in the empty room next to Dimitrios'. I expect him to be clean and presentable for dinner. I will return when I have finished my business." More whispers broke free from the crowd as people loudly voiced their confusion. Why him? I was asking myself the very same question. I had heard rumor of the Kings son, said to be the prophecy child, only a year or two older than me and already said to be an accomplished fighter and a genius.

The walk to the palace was unsettling to say the least, I had two men on either side of me that looked as if they could swallow me whole. Neither of them spoken a word and the silence was tense. As we approached the great steps to the palace my eyes grew large in amazement, it looked large from a distance but this was incredible, surely I would not be aloud to stay here long. They walked me through the large hallways of the palace nodding their heads in acknowledgment to many servants as we passed until we stopped in front of a large doorway.

"A servant will be in soon to assist you." I nodded my head quickly before I was sent through the door to my new room. It was huge, with a lavish bed with table on each side. I was still examining the room when I heard a knock on the door before an older women peeked her head through the door. She brought me into the small room next to mine and scrubbed me down. She washed out all of my hair with a thick liquid that I wouldn't question her about. It was completely silence when she handed my a cloth to dry myself and pointed to a pile of clothes over to the side. "There is food on the table next to the bed." I almost didn't catch her words she spoke so softly as she left. I put on the clothes and headed out to the room attacking the food as I saw it. I was so hungry that I didn't even take notice of what I was eating.

When I had finally stuffed myself I finally took the time to look around. I could see a full body mirror off to the corner and decided to examine myself. I looked much cleaner than I had ever seen myself. My always tangled and greasy hair was smooth and glossy as it was still drying, there was no grim on my face which was very rare and my clothes were amazing. I had never even allowed myself to dream I would ever wear something so nice. I sighed out loud knowing that this must be some sic dream. I walked over to the bed and decided to nap knowing that when I woke up I'd probably be back on the street with a growling belly.