Tragedy of Society

"This is the way the world ends; not with a bang, but a whimper."
-T.S. Eliot

City of Lost Angels
three days ago

The LA Police Department and the news media were all over the neighborhood of the crime. A young man in his late twenties, shot in the back of the head. It was in the Northwest area of the San Fernando Valley, best known for its contributions to unique forms of "entertainment" than anything else.

But it wasn't the crime itself that was the source of upheaval.

Two hours before the crime was committed the police received an anonymous tip-off that someone "dangerously desperate" entered the city. Around the same time all the local news outlets received the same exact copy of a scrambled note. After they got it unscrambled, all reporters were instantly instructed to keep eyes and ears open for any whispers of homicide. The crime would only be the beginning, the beginning of chaos.

The message that was unscrambled said this: Killer is here, everyone beware.

The Killer was the one serial killer that was truly a menace. But everyone thought that he was in Nevada. On top of that, everyone thought that he had stopped, about a week ago. But now everyone knew the truth. Killer wasn't stopping, he had been traveling. They just didn't hear about his exploits until he arrived. Why?

Because the Killer lived up to his name. He murdered one person per day, and his total of death was now 14.

City of Lost Angels
present day

Jenny Dahlia reclined on the couch, flipping through channel after channel on the television.

Same old, same old, same old.
Crime, corruption, slander, crime, corruption, slander, crime, corruption, slander.

Eventually Jenny ended up just turning the TV off.
"Why is the world so terrible?" she asked herself before turning over, and closing her eyes, hoping to dream about something other than a memory from her past.

While she was napping, her older brother, 22-year-old Jason came into their apartment and settled himself at the kitchen table with a pile of bills, careful not to disturb the snoozing Jenny.

Little Denver,

A car was being driven down the road. The rush hour had ended and the car, a black sedan, had no problem in heading to its destination. In the car were two guys, aged 18 and 17 respectively. The older was five and a half feet tall and had dark blonde hair that he had spiked. The younger was six feet tall and had wavy blonde hair which easily hung down to the base of his neck.

"Pity really, no pyrotechnics this time round," said the younger.

"Relax Vodka, this is only the debut. Start small and work our way up."

"Yeah, yeah, I know."

"Besides, remember the first time?"

"Oh yeah, frickin things wouldn't go off on time." They both laughed.

"Besides V, we start off with a clean slate here. We don't have to remove ourselves from the equation. We'll be creating chaos for the good of humanity."

"By invoking natural selection in modern society?"

"Exactly." Vodka scratched his nose then reached for the cassette player.

"I'm gonna put on some Nirvana."


And with the sound and smells of teen spirits in their senses, these two would initiate a plan to bring the world to its rightful state.

to be continued