Last night I found a note taped to my mirror. Just a simple note written on plain white paper in neat black lettering: come to the pier at 4 am.

That's all it said.

I had to. Orders are orders and the military, the navy, the air force, or the government needed my "assistance". So just before dawn I put on a pair of ripped blue jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt before grabbing my wallet, key, and gun before heading out the door. A little casual, yes, but I'm on break due to my lack of assignments, might as well enjoy it while I can. It probably won't last much longer anyways...

I walked rather quickly and calmly to the pier and docks. They were only 3 blocks away so it only takes about 10 minutes to get there if there are no issues. The town I'm in is pretty small now; most of it was whipped away during the revolution. Entire cities were destroyed in the overtaking and many still lay in ruins. But some towns only lost a few sections, like in this city only a few buildings were crumbled to the ground. And of course to get to the docks I had to climb over the ruins of what used to be the court house.

I turned right and saw the pile of rubble blocking my way to the pier. I scaled the pile quickly, navigating my way through the familiar pile of rubble and steel. When I reached the top I could see the pier extending out into the deep blue ocean. The dock was made almost completely out of concrete with wood around the edges so that docking boats would not be ripped apart by rubbing against the concrete. Currently there were no boats tied to the dock since almost all of them were out at sea going for the first catch of the day. I could see the small black dots on the horizon as they set their fishing nets and pulled out hundreds of pounds of flopping fish, snapping lobsters and clams shut up tight. I climbed down the rest of the pile and walked down the deserted road to the entrance of the pier.

At the end of the dock stood 3 men, clad only in black and shrouded in shadows even though the sun had already begun to rise behind them. Their black outfits were exactly the same, new military outfits implemented by the True Order. The uniform was a naval looking jacket with black pants and a military style hat. Plus, of course, combat boots. They stood erect, stiff as a board looking more like statues than people all except the man in the middle.

Great. A military mission. And here I thought I might get the day off.

Alright what do they need this time? Another pointless mission perhaps that no one else felt like doing? Or perhaps they will give me an actual challenge this time.

God forbid they give me a surveillance mission. All hell would break loose if that happened. I refuse to sit up all night and day waiting to see what someone will do at any given point in time and then filling out endless stacks of reports down to the most minute of details. God I hope I don't get one of them again.

If only they gave me a challenge, a puzzle to solve, a code to crack, a race against time. That would be a blast.

As I mused over the possible missions I continued to walk confidently up to the men. They watched with calculating eyes as I approached their small congregation. Of the three men only one had any kind of differentiation from the others.

He had pale blue hair with red, light purple and magenta sections.

He was also the only one with a small red pin attached to his lapel showing his status. To further demonstrate his superiority over the others he was in the middle of the two soldiers, both of which had pale green hair. Currently the man in the middle was leaning with his back against the railing of the pier and his chin resting on his chest obscuring my view of his face.

Fantastic. A general and two high ranking soldiers. They couldn't send something tougher? Honestly if I was going to pick a fight, these men wouldn't last longer than two seconds. They can see my hair; clearly, I am stronger than they are.

In the government and society of the True Order hair color is the only way to tell ones status. Each rank, section and specialty had a different distinct color. Each different section of color in a person's hair defines who they were and how important they were, or in this case how deadly.

In my own hair, which I keep medium length and shaggy, I have almost a complete rainbow. I have alternating sections of sunset yellow, pale blue, red and blue stripped, pale green, deep maroon, white, navy, pink, and black hair. My hair is easily the most descriptive feature about me. If you knew what the colors meant then you would probably stay as far away from me as possible.

My hair is like a resume, each color a different meaning, a different skill. The yellow shows I am a general in the navy, the pale green shows I am a soldier in the army, and the pale blue shows I am a general in the army. The red and blue stripped sections show I am also a general in the air force. The maroon sections show I am the leader of my sector. White shows that I am an expert marksman, I never miss my target. Navy shows that myself and the rest of my sector are on constant call. No matter the time place or mission I am always on call for service. I can be called in for the army, navy, air force, or the government at any time. The pink section shows I am under the age of 20. The black sections of hair are special though; only myself and those under my command have black hair. Since my sector only contains 4 people, including myself, the black hair is hard to find within the government. But unlike other rare colors that many would covet, black hair is seen as unlucky, a curse. Which in a way it is. If you ever see someone from my team coming after you, odds are you are not going to see anyone else ever again. Some call us murderers; others call us slaves to the government. I call it work.

And as I continued approaching the soldiers I knew that my little vacation was going to be cut short. Work comes first. The soldiers and general that were waiting to meet me were proof enough of that.

As I got closer to the where the general stood the soldiers grew stiff and tense, ready to move instantly if I posed any kind of threat to the general


Can't they see my hair? Don't they see the black, white, and blue? Do they not understand how much stronger I am? Or do they still believe that they can take me on?


"Welcome, I'm so glad you could make it" said the man in the middle. Although his sentence was kind, his voice was full of shadowed meanings. An air of mistrust hung in the air, thick as smoke. The man tipped his head up off his chest to show creamy white skin marred only by the large scar that ran from the top of the left side of his forehead all the way down to his lips. The scar was jagged and went straight through his left eye which was presumably empty due to the black eye patch covering his eye. The scar forked in several places making it cover almost the entire left side of his face. However the other side of his face was nearly flawless. Set above sharp cheekbones was his remaining eye, a sharp piercing orange color that watched my every move with calculating accuracy.

General Black, my least favorite person.

"What is it this time General Black?" I said already annoyed and bored by his presence. I stopped walking ten feet away from the small congregation and crossed my arms with my legs spread shoulder width apart.

"We need your… services" he said carefully clearly choosing his words precisely in case he said too much.

"What is it this time General Black?" I repeated getting more annoyed.

"By order of the Higher Power you are to leave immediately for your next mission." he said

"What is it this time General Black" I repeated again my annoyance clearly leaking into my voice. "What must I do this time?"

"That is classified information" he said smugly

I stared at him incredulously for all of 30 seconds before I began to laugh. I laughed deep and darkly letting a hint of my insanity leak into my laugh. I saw the soldiers behind the general shiver at the sound as it penetrated the stillness of the morning.

Mid laugh I stopped abruptly and stared straight into General Black's eye "you are joking right? You do realize I need information more than this load of garbage you have given me."

"You will hold your tongue General Doe or you will lose it" Black said as he glared at me.

Tough words coming from someone I outrank. Perhaps a demonstration of superiority is in order?

Yes I think so

In a flash I was behind the general grinning evilly from ear to ear. My black eyes had reverted back to their true colors. The right eye was dilated as far as it could go and was glowing orange while the left eye was pupil-less and glowing a bright purple.

"Tough words General but did you forget who I am?" I said quietly into his ear "or what I can do?"

He shuddered as his body guards spun around to see my eyes glowing softly as the rest of my body disappeared.

I reappeared behind the 2 guards and spoke again "I'm surprised General Black. Normally you bring better toys than this. But I suppose I can play with you after I'm done with them". I smirked again as my eyes glowed brighter. I could smell their fear, hear their heart rates pick up, see their eye grow wider.


In one quick movement I had both guards shrieking in pain as I broke both their arms and legs in one fluid movement. The bones were popping out of their skin as they lay broken on the ground. I am losing control. The sound of screams and the smell of fear and blood was making prolonging their torture harder and harder for me, but it was defiantly making this more and more fun.

"Stop! End it now!" General Black yelled. No longer did his voice hold authority now it only held fear. Fear for what I can do and fear of what could and will happen to him.

"As you wish" I said with a mocking bow before snapping the rib cages of both soldiers. Their broken ribs drove through their lungs and other organs before finally killing them as the crushed and broken bones poked though their hearts.

"Now what shall I do to you? Hmmm!? Perhaps a slower torture method for my favorite toy?" I said as my right eye dilated and retracted, only adding to the image of madness I had produced.

He shuddered and shook slightly as he said "what do you want? I'll do anything just stop"

"Finally willing to talk?" my crazed smile returned to my face as I looked at bit of blood on my fingers. "What is my mission?"

"Your mission is to take down a ship" General Black said as he shuddered on the ground in fear.

I circled around my future prey while still looking at the blood, the temptation to taste it rising "what is the reason?"

"Re-resistance!" Black stuttered. Funny what fear can do to even the best generals

"Name?" I whispered into his ear, finally whipping my hands on my jeans getting bored with the candy red substance that stained my fingers.

"RLS S-s-silver" he whimpered out in fear

"Location" I whispered yet again

"11.3167 north 142.2500 east" he managed to get out without stuttering

"Anything else?" I said getting bored again reappearing in front of the General as I was before I let my grip on my control slip.

"Yes. Leave no survivors and keep it quiet. Kill any others you find" said one of the soldiers with green hair.

General Black spun around to see both of his soldiers standing perfectly fine behind him. Neither had a scratch on their bodies that wasn't there beforehand.

The other soldier saw the look on General Black's face and he could only see confusion, fear and… joy? Hmm perhaps they are more important that I originally thought.

"General are you okay?" I asked nicely. "You blanked out as your soldiers were explaining my mission" I smirked slightly at the look of pure terror gracing Black's features.

"Yes. I'm fine just a little dizzy" he said as he tried to reel his emotions back in and under his mask.

"Perhaps you should see a medic. We don't want anything to happen to you or your men" I said with mock innocence and concern. "Here let me take a look." I said as I walked up to where he was standing. "I'm starting to train as a medic" I said as I got closer.

He took a half step back in fear before controlling himself. I walked closer until I was directly in front of him. I flash my eyes their true colors and my demonic grin for only a brief second before reaching out my arm to feel his forehead. At my touch he broke into a cold sweat.

"It seems that you have a fever General" I said with fake concern "officer smith, Officer Jones please escort the General to the infirmary. Have all additional information for my mission sent to my apartment"

"Yes General Doe" Officer Jones said with a bow as officer smith started to walk the General away.

I turned and walked away smirking before laughing low and deep. I always knew that General Black would be one of the best toys to play with.

Name: unknown, referred to as John Doe or Leader


Rank: Naval general first degree, Military general first degree, Air Force general first degree

Specialties: youngest general ever, fastest to become master, most dangerous thing alive

Oh yes, this mission is gonna be fun.