Like the morning dews that sparkles
Your eyes shimmer like the perfect gem
The Sun rises up in the sea of aquamarine
You disappear into the air
Escaping from all that grabs

Like a burning Phoenix filled with fury
Your nose turned red like ruby
Covering everything in your boiling heat
Consuming yourself and rose reborn from
Your own ashes

Like the lovely lilac that grows
Among the heart-shaped leaves
Your gentle touch that makes my organs melt
Sweetening my thoughts for the beloved you

Like the rose that hid in its shrub
Shutting yourself from all that comes
All the days were spent
Sharpening the spiteful thorns
Protecting yourself with the best shield

Like the wonders of Autumn
Your warmth spread over me
Even the Winter Fairies
Couldn't freeze the surrounding passion
You're that warm breeze that stay hidden
But still purify my tears

You are awesome
So please be like the Pasqueflower
That grows in the Spring
For you are precious to me
More than you can ever imagine