I was once a beautiful young lady.
Full of life and spirit.
Yes, I was full of life, but lonely.
Then you came and took over me.
You cared for me and loved me dearly.

I have always wished to the shooting stars above,
that everything will remain as perfect.
But as we know,
not every wonderful thing lasts long.
I never once believed it.
But now,
I finally do.

One fateful day,
I felt so unwell.
I told you about it,
but you didn't seem to notice.
At first, I thought that you were too busy with your everyday life,
that you did not have the time to care for me.
To make things easier for you,
I gave you some hints.
But you didn't seem to understand,
nor bother to ask!

I felt dirty.
Rubbish was thrown all over me.
You fed me with harmful chemicals,
which harmed me so badly.

There I was feeling really unwell,
you were still so busy.
What happened?
You are not like before!
I often wondered why.
Then, I finally understood.
You are greedy!
You are selfish!
You did not care anymore!
You created so many things to earn money,
that you no longer care about me.
I never felt so lonely.

I was hurt!
Badly hurt!
When I finally BURST out,
It was then that you realized it.
But it was almost all too late.
There is now a big hole in me.
It was then that you started to worry.
What's the point?
I am going to die soon.

Yes, you did try your best to save me,
but what about some of you?

How I wish time could turn back.
I really do.
Please help me!
Let me trust you one last time.
Let me believe that most things that are wonderful do last long.