You know, getting set up on a blind date usually sucks. It really does. You don't know who or what this said person looks like, acts likes, talks like... it's a crazy mystery. Then you get there and more than likely they are less than what your mind has made them out to be. Me? Oh, my scenario sucks so much more. Try knowing that your going to be marrying a man you have never even met.

Yeah, the blind date thing is starting to look pretty good by now.

My father, earlier today, pulled me into his office and told me that I was engaged to some man from the west. His name is... James? Jake?... Damien? Hell, I didn't know, didn't care to remember either. I remember my mind buzzing from the words my father had just spoken to me and I didn't seem to catch all the details. Something about bringing peace... blah blah.

A bunch of bullshit if you ask me.

The rest of the day pretty much went by in a haze then. Now? Well, now I'm sitting at the bar, downing my... sixth shot? Or is it my eighth? Damn.. maybe I should just stick to beer.

"Brady! Beer!" I called out, my words just slightly slurred. He eyed me with his blue eyes and shook his head. Walking over, his tall frame became intimidating, but I didn't care.

"Don't you think you've had enough?" he asked, his voice sounding rather smoother than normal, my body reacting to such a sound.

"I was informed today that I have no say over what I do with my life, and soon will be wed to a man I have never met, and don't care too." I explained, remembering that quite clearly. "I want a beer." I demanded.

Growing quiet, he turned around and grabbed a Corona, popping off the lid and sliding it towards me once he faced me again. "Your last one." he told me softly, the sound of his voice luring me to want to tackle him.

Okay, I may be a bit buzzed, but if you couldn't tell, I've had a bit of a crush on Brady for some time now... and the alcohol was making me horny.

"We will see about that." I winked, feeling a bit more confident in my seduction techniques than usual. The dim lights helped me to feel the emptiness inside that I knew was growing, and the sound of random guys shouting at the game on the screens make me want to curl up into a ball. My body was flooding with emotions and the damn beer and all those shots still wasn't helping! I needed more... something to truly get my mind off of things...

I needed sex.

Ahhh, as soon as the thought ran through my oh so cloudy thoughts, I quickly scanned the bar for potential partners. As much as I knew the idea was a bad one, I really didn't care. Maybe this was the perfect solution! What if, knowing that I was always a good girl, made … what's his name... actually want me? Ahhh, well I would just have to show him a thing or two! I'm could be a bad girl for a night... maybe that would make.. damn it! I can't remember his name... not like me anymore!

It was a perfect, pretty flawless plan!... In my intoxicated mind anyways.

I scanned the room, eyeing each man carefully as my eyes tried to focus. "Lets see..." I stopped at one. "Too fat." I scoffed, then went to the next. "Too thin." Then the next. "Ewww... to hairy!" I gagged. "Too simple.." The next. "Too... Hmmm... he could do." I told myself. He then erupted in laughter at a joke I'm assuming, exposing his smile. "Ahh!" I shrieked. "Never mind.. no teeth... damn." I growled, turning back around in my seat and took anther swig of my drink. I could feel that amazing cold fluid flow down my throat and into my blood stream instantly.

Maybe Brady? I mean... he's hott and all... never really seen him as the 'one night stand' kind of guy... but he was a guy right? Guys go for that? Right?

"Brady!" I called out. He smiled and walked over.


"Would you mind letting me stay at your place tonight? I really don't think I can make it home..." Ahh yes, the innocent woman thing should work. Right?

"Um.. I could just give you a ride home of you really need me too. Sarah probably wouldn't like if you stayed over though."

Ahhh damn! I forgot about his fiance. Crap monkeys.

"OH R-right... sorry.. forgot about her."

"You really should lay off the drinks." he shook his head, going back off and waiting on others again.

Just when I thought all my plans and thoughts were working against me, within that second, the door to the bar opened and I instantly felt a presence unlike any other. My eyes instantly caught sight of this tall, broad figure, the dim lighting hiding most of his features... until he stepped further in.

Oh. My. God. Golden brown eyes starred back at me. His face sharp, his black hair shaggy, hot as hell. It was messy and I instantly wanted to run my hands through it. I clenched my Corona tighter as my eyes continued to work their way down his torso. A blue shirt clinging to his chest, his muscles showing, his strong arms luring me to feel them. I dared to move further, scanned his jeans with a belt holding them up, which, wasn't really much of a task considering they were tighter jeans on him, exposing his thicker thighs. Now, he wasn't buff per say, but hot damn I wouldn't doubt he missed a day at the gym!

As my eyes roamed back up, I noticed his leather black jacket, as he folded it over one of his arms. My eyes went back to his, as they still never seemed to leave my own. I quickly, feeling my heart began to race, turned away and drank some more of my Corona. Damn, it was almost gone.

I didn't only slightly hear his footsteps, but I felt his presence grow closer to my own. I felt something inside spark, and I couldn't help but feel... drawn to it. Drawn to him. I swear I was drunk, but as soon as I saw him, felt like I hadn't had a single ounce of alcohol in my life!

"What can I get for you?" I heard Brady ask, as I felt the strange man take a seat next to me.

"Corona." Oh god, I swear I just wet my pants. If I wasn't horny before, I sure as hell was now with how deep and aluring his voice was.

"Coming right up." He told him, eyeing him and then me right after. I tried my hardest to ignore him. I really did.

"Who are you?" I asked within a few seconds of him sitting.

He chuckled, and I almost died. Perfect teeth, perfect chuckle. Was he a god? "Normally a 'hello' is the appropriate greeting." he smirked, his golden brown eyes meeting my own chocolate ones.

"Right... uh... hello. Who are you?" I asked again, trying to catch my mouth before I spoke. Oops. Too late.

"Daniel." he held out a hand for me to shake, but I felt I might explode if I touched him. I felt so... timid around him... like I new him... or something.. "You?"

"Sorry...I uh.. don't give my name out to strangers..." I quickly turned and finished my beer. Really? I was just looking for a damn stranger to sleep with and here one comes, as perfect as can be and I say... 'I don't talk to strangers?' Are you fucking kidding me!? "Brady! Another please!"

"Ahh, so I'm inclined to give you mine name, but I get nothing from you?" he smirked, curious I'm sure, as to why I was acting like such a dumb ass.

"I told you Alex, your cut off..." he slid a beer to this.. Daniel guy as I hung my head in defeat. Daniel grinned even more as he took a swig and then turned his attention back to me.

"Alex huh?"

"... Yeah. Short or Alexandria." I admitted. I felt myself start to sweat, and I totally forgot about the days events, well, that was until Daniel here started asking questions.

"Ahhh, such a beautiful name..." God his voice was heavenly. "So why would such a... beautiful lady like yourself be sitting here, drinking her life away?"

I dropped my head onto the bar counter, shocking him at first, but then I finally looked up at him. "My life is fucked up, and I just wanted to feel something other than hate."

"Like pleasure?" he suggested, causing heat to not only rise in my cheeks, but other.. ahem.. places. I didn't answer, because I felt I couldn't lie to him. Why was that? "Sorry to say, your going about it the wrong way if that's what your plan was."

"What do you mean?" I asked him harshly.

"Drinking makes you numb... it doesn't bring pleasure."

"What if that is the kind of pleasure I was seeking!?" I asked, trying my hardest not to tackle him to the ground right then. Damn, maybe I did need to lay off the drinking...

I stopped breathing as soon as he leaned forward and began to whisper into my ear. "You can't fool someone like me, Alexandria..." he told me, as chills ran down my spine when I felt his breath against my ear.

"I-I don't know what your talking about." I tried to keep my cool, but cursed myself with my stutter. Wait..

What the hell was I thinking?! Here was a man, already making me wet and all he had to do what walk in the room and say hello! What happened to my plans!? I need to do this, I needed to continue with my plan and make it so that I didn't have to marry... whatever his name is!

"Whatever you say, Darling." he spoke, drinking some more. I could tell he was holding something back too, which was a bit crazy if you ask me. There was something about him that scared me a bit... like he was dangerous... but hell, I was drunk and he was more than likely going to do what I needed him to do.

"Say, Daniel... You got any plans for tonight?" I asked him, turning on the charm.

"If your horny and drunk, this might not be the best time to make plans with you." he told me, which only made me more mad.

"What kind of girl do you think I am? I am a-a bit drunk tonight..." I rubbed my eyes. Think quick, think quick! "I need a ride."

"That's all?" he raised a brow, causing me to gulp. It was as if he could read me, and yet I didn't feel small under his gaze.

"Would you give me a ride or not!?" I asked, pushing it more.

Chuckling he stood to his feet, pulling out a 50 dollar bill. "This should cover mine and the lady's drinks." he nodded to Brady, and then looked back at me. His eyes so alluring, I almost regretted putting myself in this situation. "Shall we?"

"Right.." I went to stand, but as soon as I did, my legs didn't seem to respond as fast as I wanted them too. I instantly went limp but Daniel's strong arms captured me before I fell too far down. My stomach quickly went into knots, my skin feeling as if it was burning as it touched some of his own. I felt it. I felt the connection between us, and quickly looked up to search his eyes. They seemed to glow and bore into my soul as I stayed in his arms. For a moment, just a moment, I felt as if he was speaking to me, like... we were meant to meet.

"You alright?" he asked softly, his voice a bit hoarse as he did so. He was fighting something still, I could tell.

"... fine..." I whispered, breathless. He helped me stand up straight and then helped me walk out to his car. It was a nice car, not too old or beat up, but well take care of. I wasn't sure of the make or model, I was still trashed. Plus, I was car stupid, so that didn't help.

Daniel helped me sit into the passenger seat and also buckled me in, since I was failing epically at it. He was sweet, strong, but sweet in his aid, and then shut the door carefully. Making his way around to the drivers side, I watched him carefully. He had long, strong strides as he moved. It was beyond sexy in her opinion and she just wished he would start driving soon.

"Where too?" he asked. Damn I forgot... I needed to think more... um.. shoot... a good excuse...

"I'm not sure..." I mumbled, wishing I was level headed right now... although, if I was... I wouldn't be trying to sleep with... "Can we just... drive around for a bit.. maybe it will job my memory."

"Sure." he nodded, his deep voice still calling out to me. "I do have to stop by my place real quick, if that's okay. I forgot something."

Oh. My. God. Could things work out any more perfect!? "Yes!" He eyed me. "I mean.. yes, that's fine." I gulped trying to recover from my fail.

He nodded and quickly began to drive through the town, and that's when I felt it.


"What's wrong?" he asked, sounding as if he actually cared, never taking his eyes off the road.

"I have to pee."

"Oh." He finally nodded in a direction ahead. "My place is five minutes away, can you make it?"

"I think so. Hurry though." I told him, knowing that one minute was pushing it, let alone five. It was as if he knew what I felt, and stepped on the gas, getting up there in less than three minutes. It was crazy, he quickly got out, unbuckled me and then help me up the stairs to his apartment, which from what I gathered from the look of the stairs, was a nice place.

I didn't remember much more as he got me into this apartment and lead me to the bathroom, which I ran into. I fumbled and I think Daniel might have thought I was wrestling in there, as I tripped on a few things, but I made it and boy did I feel better!

"You alright?"

"Perfect." I sighed in relief. As soon as I finished I washed my hands and threw some water onto my face, hoping that would help the effects of all the booze in my system. Taking a deep breath, I pushed up my breasts, making sure they looked good through my not so attractive worn lower cut t-shirt. Hey, I wasn't going out with the ladies! Damn, I went there to drink my night away, but now I wished I would have cared just a bit more about my appearance. I made sure my tight jeans still looked decent and tried to focus on my auburn hair, which was falling down crazy like over my shoulders with curls.

This was it. I couldn't turn back now. I slowly turned the nob on the door, already feeling dizzy and opened it. Carefully trying to keep my balance I squinted into the dim room before me and realized that he was a bedroom. Daniel quickly walked up and took my arm. "You sure your alright?"

His voice, oh man, I felt wet again and It's all or nothing now. I looked at him and wrapped my arms around his neck, my eyes traveling down to his lips, seeing the now visible stubble that has formed on his chin, I leaned in closer, taking in his musky scent.

"You smell good." I groaned, breathing heavier as I pulled my body against his.

He stayed silent, his eyes growing harder as I felt his hands grasp firmly around my waist. Ahhh, so he did like this... As I pressed against him more, I allowed my hands to roam freely down his chest and tug at the bottom of his shirt.

"Alex..." he whispered, his voice much more deeper, much more hungry for more. "... You shouldn't.." I quickly stopped him as I slammed my lips against his own. Now, I've kissed a few guys before, past boyfriends and such... but his... this man knew how to make me go weak in the knees. At first I thought I had control of this situation, but as soon as our lips met; He was dominating.

I felt a hard part of his muscular body starting to form against my leg as he kissed me more, and I gasped in desperation as he began to run his hands up my back. His kisses tasted like something sweet, his body giving off a vibe that only cooed me further into giving in. I knew what I wanted right then.

I wanted him. Apparently, he wanted me too.

I felt his strong arms pull me closer to him, his kisses becoming more hungry as if he was losing control. I felt his hands go down and grab my butt, then ran down and grabbed the back of my thighs, lifting me off the ground. I quickly threw my legs around his waist, pulling our hips together even more, feeling myself want to rip off all our clothing and ride him like crazy until I screamed.

My kisses trailed off his lips and headed for his ear, and as soon as I nipped at it, a heard him groan in pleasure.

"You like that, don't you?" I whispered, nipping it again, until he threw me down onto his plush bed, his body towering over me. We both stopped and breathed heavily, my eyes growing tired as all the drinking started to affect me.

"Why do you tempt me so?" he growled, and I swore, even in my drunken state, that it was more animalistic than a normal human's voice. "God you fucking smell so damn good! I want to rip your clothes apart!" he growled again, trying to regain his composure, which it wasn't helping that he was licking my neck and kissing it softly. My nails dug into his back, wishing he would do as he desired. He seemed out of control, powerful, frightening actually, but all the more sexy! All of a sudden he pulled back, forcing himself to be distant from me.

I glared and groaned in disapproval. "Why the hell did you stop!" I asked, feeling myself wanting him still, as if my body ached for him.

"... damn it Alex..." he groaned, clenching his fists and walking into the bathroom I just left what seemed hours ago.

Knowing quite well what I was doing, Daniel paced back and forth in the bathroom, trying to calm himself. He wanted to rip me apart... in the sexual way. He never thought he would be so attracted to someone like me, but when I threw myself at him, apparently it brought out desires that wasn't supposed to be there. Especially right now. Especially not with me.


"Oh my head..." I whined, holding it tightly between my hands as the sunlight from the windows hit it. "Did I get hit by a fucking freight train!?" I asked to no one in general, throwing the plush covers over my head. Wait... plush... covers? Come to think about it, my body was laying in a very, large, not my own, comfortable bed...

I instantly shot up, and looked around, instantly regretting it though as my head pounded even harder. "Damn it!" I groaned, holding it once again.

"Maybe you shouldn't drink so much next time." A deep, sexy voice I might add, spoke.

My eyes caught sight of the man of my dreams... no literally... the man I swear I had only dreamt about. My eyes widened at the realization at what had happened... what I had done! "Oh shit!" I covered my mouth. "Did... we...?" I gulped, feeling sick to my stomach and searching for the nearest trash bin.

"No." he quickly replied, walking over and handing me a trash from the side of his bed. "Breathe slowly.." he instructed, and I listened, the urge to puke finally fading slowly. "Here." he sat down on the edge of the bed next to me and held out a bottle of water and then some pain killers. "Aspirin." he confirmed.

I quickly took it from him and the water, allowing the medicine to flow down my throat, welcoming the water as well with pleasure. My eyes, as much as it hurt to, searched Daniel's. "It's... Dan, right?" I asked, trying to figure just what happened.

"Yes." he quickly replied, his answer seeming a bit short. I didn't know what to say, if my dream last night was real... I was in a sticky situation.

"Look... I.." I looked over his handsome features, and even though I was hung over, I was not drunk anymore. He was still just as tempting as he was in my dream.. I mean...last night. "I really am sorry... um... can you tell me what exactly happened?"

"You mean besides you trying to sleep with me?"

Oh god. I knew this could only end badly. "I um.. really am sorry.." I whispered, looking away.

"Why did you do that?" he asked. One, I thought it was obvious, I mean, he was fucking sexy and I was drunk...

"I didn't mean for that to happen.. I was drunk and I just... was a bit horny..."

"I meant, why were you getting drunk in the first place?" he asked, his eyes never straining away from my own. I felt a bit of coldness from his today, unlike last night when I remember him being a bit more flirty and open. His face, although still amazing to look at, held a blank expression.

"I just got informed of some really bad news, that's all." I looked down, not really feeling comfortable talking to him about it. I'm sure guys just love getting women thrown at them, why would he be any different?

"So bad you got drunk and planned on screwing a total stranger? What if I took advantage of you?" he narrowed his eyes, his voice becoming even more cold and ruthless.

"Well, you didn't... thank you." I told him, not knowing what to say. "What else can I possibly do?"

"Be a bit more careful." he snapped, standing up and walking over to a chair and grabbing his leather jacket once again. I noticed he was wearing jeans again, but this time with a black wife beater and blue plaid shirt over it. His hair was slicked back today, and his stubble was gone.

"Sorry." I swallowed. For some reason, this guy wasn't anything like I remember from last night. I must have been really drunk. I slowly slid my legs out from underneath the covers and looked around for my stuff.

"Your things are in the living room. As soon as your ready, I have someone who will take you home. Where ever that is, if you even remember today." he told me, and I watched him walk out, just like that.

Wow, what an ass. I am never going to drink in a public place again, that's for sure. My head still throbbing, I went to the bathroom and made myself look presentable, as best as I could and walked out into what I could only think was the main area. A pair of green eyes found mine and I stood there in shock. There was a man, strong like Daniel, but with long blonde hair and a pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt.

"Hello, you must be Alexandria. I'm Grey." he smiled at me.

"Uh, yes. Nice to meet you." I walked up and shook his hand. "Is Grey short for Grayson?" I asked.

"Nope. Just Grey." he smiled. "Lets get you home."

"Where did Dan go?"

"Uh, he had business to attend to, I'm his... assistant if you will... I'll be escorting you home."

"Alrighty then." I sighed. Guess that was the last of Daniel 'Whoever' that I was ever going to see. Now it was back to my damn life of doing things I didn't want to do.

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