I find myself setting in the darkest part of a underground bar by myself. I had originally arrived her with a number of people, but I quickly found their company insufferable. So here I sit alone in the dark with only the thrumming beat of the music to console me. How very emo of me…

GAR! This is so fucking irritating. All I wanted to do is enjoy the evening. It would have been fine if they hadn't insisted on inviting more and more people. Even that I could have dealt with, but then they insist we go to this new club! Don't get me wrong the music is great, but I'm just not interested in the club scene. Why couldn't we have stayed home?

The door to my little room of brooding suddenly swings open and the booming noise outside momentarily redoubles before quickly dying out once again. A guy leans against the door heavily, his back to me. In the dark I can only make out his hair is some dark color, cut short. His clothes aren't anything special, just a coat and a pair of jeans. Finally the guy turns around and I get a shock.

His eyes are a neon red color, a vampire. For a moment my heart jumps, but then quickly enough it subsides. His face looks mildly surprised just as much as mine must have looked. Still, being in a back room with a vampire does nothing to sooth my fraying nerves. Still I say nothing as we silently stare at one another in the dark.

"I'm sorry I didn't realize anyone else was in here." He says politely enough.

"It's fine." I reply gesturing to the other seats. "Your more than welcome back here. It's not like I own it."

This seems to amuse him. Never the less he doesn't question my hospitality, instead he makes his way to a seat to my right and sets himself down. I can't help but watch him as he moves. It's smooth, just what I would expect form a vampire. However, it's also not that oddly fast movement older vampires do naturally.

"It's loud." He states, letting his head fall back on the chair.

"I imagine it is." I reply, finally diverting my eyes from him.

Crap, that was smooth. I must sound like a total dick. Some sympathy wouldn't kill you Cory. Sure, he's totally ruining the whole point of brooding in a back room, but he might be nice company. Wow, yeah he's a vampire so he can't be an idiot. We all know that vampires are all clever and quick witted. God I'm such an idiot some times. Stupid ass stereotypes!

"Sorry, I wasn't much enjoying the company out on the floor." He tells me, clearly not feeling nearly as awkward as I am.

I turn my gaze from the wall back to my guest. He's picked up his head and he's looking at me intently. Part of me finds his gaze unsettling, predatorily, but another part of me is amused. He's clearly trying to make small talk with me, but why? I don't imagine he wants to make me dinner. I've never met a vampire who's every been interested in my blood. Still, maybe he's just interested in talking.

"I know the feeling." I reply once again diverting my gaze from him. "Clubs aren't really my style."

A moment of silence passes between us and my curiosity makes me look at him once again. Now he's staring at me with his head at a slight angle. If it weren't for the glowing red eyes I would say he looks like a confused dog.

"If they're not your thing why are you here?" He asks as he rights his head.

"Peer pressure." I sum it up from him. "You would be surprised just what a group of nagging teenagers can get anyone to do."

This entices a chuckle from my red eyed friend. I can't help but smile at it just a little bit. I get dragged to a club by a bunch of my friends only to end up setting in a poorly lit back room with a vampire whose name I don't even know.
"Might I ask your name?" I ask him trying to be polite.

"Of course." He replies cheerily.

After a moment of him not telling me his name I catch onto his little joke. I smirk to myself for getting caught by poor wording.

"Oh I see." I declare before continuing. "Well what is your name?"

"Seth." He tells me rising to his feet.

I do the same and offer him my hand. He reaches out and shakes it. His hands are cold, but not nearly as bad as people make them out to be. They're chilled at best.

"My names Cory, it's a pleasure to meet you." I tell him before setting back down.

"Your hearts surprisingly level." He catches me off guard with that.

"Excuse me?" I can't help but ask incredulously

Isn't that a tiny bit rude? Maybe not to him, but I don't much like being evaluated on my heart rate. Well, I guess it's just like me looking at the little tics people have in their body language. Like the little twitches in his face that tell me he realizes he's made a social misstep. Still I don't comment on them in unfamiliar company.

"Sorry about that." He corrects himself. "I couldn't help but notice when I was shaking your hand."

"It's fine." I sigh.

I really shouldn't get worked up over such matters. It makes me look like I'm closed off. That reminds me to check my body language. My arms are crossed and so are my legs. Everything about me right now is reading closed off. I quickly open myself up and rectify the signals once again.

"It's similar to observing body language I imagine." I try to keep the small talk going.

"I guess it is." He quickly replies, he seems glad that his misstep didn't cost him.

Suddenly an uneasy silence sets between us like an elephant. I'm not really certain what to say to him. I do know what I want to ask him though. I hadn't thought about it until he mentioned my heart rate, but I wonder how he processes the world. Vampires are supposed to have more sensitive hearing, stronger bodies, better reflexes, and even be able to see things the human eye can't.

Suddenly the door swings open once again and two people recognize nearly fall in. They're tangled up with one another with more than just their tongues. They take one look at us and quickly retreat in a fit of giggles. Suddenly it dawns on me why no one is in these rooms and the awkwardness I was feeling is quickly overridden by my realization.

I get to my feet grabbing my coat and dust myself off; mostly to check to make sure nothing is on me. Gross, and here I've been setting for some time now. I'll definitely need a shower after I get out of here. Satisfied that I'm not contaminated with other people fluids I pass a glance at Seth. He's gotten to his feet as well and looks a bit amused.

"You knew?" I ask.

"Yeah, super smell." He smirks a little bit. "Thought you wouldn't want to know."

"Thanks, I would have been happier if I hadn't." I consider it for a second before doing something I know is stupid. "Would you like to get out of here? I know a good place to get milkshakes."

"Sounds like a plan to me." Seth agrees and we make our way out of the club.

As soon as we start to make our way through the main part of the club we run into a few of the people that dragged me here. They start to head straight for us, but as soon as they get one look at Seth they head in a different direction like they never saw us. How very classy of them.

"If you don't want to-" Seth starts but I stop him.

"No need." I wave his offer away before he can finish it. "I'm not really interested in their company, hence the sex room."

"I see." He responds amusedly as we make our way through the front doors.

The club had been hot and humid with all of those bodies, but out here the air is crisp. Ah, you have to love the fall weather around here. There is nothing like a little fresh air to get you feeling better; especially after you've been in a nasty club. I stretch myself out before turning my attention back to Seth.

"Well, it's down the street this way." I wave him to follow me down the street towards Martha's Dairy.

We start down the street side by side. While the air is nice I can't help but put my coat on to stave off the worst of the cold. Seth doesn't seem to be bothered by it in the least though. He has no coat and his shirt doesn't look heavy at all. Now that we are outside I can tell it's just a non-descript light blue t-shirt.

"Must be nice." I say without thinking.

"What?" He asks as a couple passes us with dirty looks.

"Well," I hesitate, but decide to go for it. "not being bothered by the weather."

"Oh, that." He sounds mildly put out. "Yeah, but I still need a jacket when it gets around freezing."

We finally come around the corner to Martha's. It's a little corner shop here in downtown. Nothing more than a few square feet with a bar and three tables. It's got a fifty's look about it, but that's only because Martha never thought it was worth renovating the place. I've offered to help her if she ever decided she wanted to. I happily let Seth in and lead him to the bar.

"Well if it isn't my little man." Martha cries as we sit down.

"Please you're embarrassing me." I joke as I give her a hug over the counter.

"So, who's your fine friend?" Martha kids giving Seth a wink.

He blushes just a little and I can't help but laugh. Leave it to Martha to make a vampire blush. Still I feel a little bad for him so I answer her.

"Martha this is Seth, he just rescued me from the club down the street." I give her the short story for now.

"So I think I owe you a free drink on the house! What kind of milkshake you want, sweety?" Martha offers Seth.

"Um, chocolate would be nice." He says after glancing at the flavors.

"Once chocolate for a Mr. Seth and a Cory." Martha comments to herself before dissaperaing into the kitchen to make our drinks.

"A Cory?" Seth asks turning to me skeptically.

"Long story or the short?" I ask as I take off my coat.

"There's a long story?" He sounds disbelieving.

"Well more like a medium." I shrug at it. "Still which one?"

"Medium sounds good." He tells me. "I'm intrigued."

I get the feeling he means both by the story and by my relationship with Martha. So to sate his curiosity I'll give him the medium plus. I should probably start with Martha.

"Well, I guess it started back when I first met Martha a few years ago." I tell him. "She was still saving up so she could open this shop one day. I was one of those smart kids who did stupid things out of boredom. I just didn't have anything better to do at the time. So every day after school I would run around and try to get into places I wasn't supposed to. Martha caught me breaking into this building one night. I was scared to death she was going to turn me into the authorities, but instead she dragged me back to her house and cooked me dinner."

"Sounds like a Hallmark story." Seth chuckles.

"Let the boy tell the story!" Martha hollers from the kitchen. "He's about to tell you about how clever I am."

"Well she tore into me like you wouldn't believe." I continued with my story after laughing at Seth's blush. "After that she started asking all sorts of questions about me. Once she knew I was a ward of the state with too much time on my hands she came up with a devious and manipulating plan."

"I resent that!" Martha tells me as she comes back out with our milkshakes.

"I know you do, and that's why I tell the story this way." I tease her only once my milkshake is securely in my hands.

"So what's in that thing?" Seth asks eyeing my green concoction of a milkshake. I pick it up off the counter and hold it up for presentation.

"This beautiful masterpiece consists of one scoop of mint chocolate chip, a scoop of mocha flavored ice cream, and one scoop of Martha's homemade chocolate ice cream. All blended together into one wonderful symphony of taste." I elaborate.

"Finish the story." Martha demands as I take my first lovely drink

"As I was saying." I roll my eyes at her kiddingly. "She put me to work helping her with whatever she had going on. Every day it was something new and if she didn't have something for me to work on she would teach me a skill. After a year and a half though, I had nearly run her out of ideas."

"The little smart ass picks up on everything to fast. The kid taught himself more than I taught him in the end." Martha tells Seth exasperatedly. "Still I had finally-"

"Who's telling the story?" I ask incredulously.

"See what I mean?" Martha cries throwing her hands up in defeat.

Seth nearly chokes mid drink on his shake. I just keep sipping on mine as I smile at it. I feel like I might be letting loose too much, but I can't help myself when I'm around Martha. She's a terrible influence on me. At least we're not boring him.

"She was saved though, because she finally managed to get the funds together to purchase this place." I continue, calming down a little bit. "This place was a mess though. She used a little bit of the extra cash to finally move me in with her. So already settled in we got to work on this place. We only hired a couple of people during the whole process. Electricians and plumbers, if we could have done it ourselves we would have. Digressing though, we eventually got this place into functioning condition. On opening night though, the milkshake machine broke down."

"That must have been bad." Seth says.

"It was." I agree. "Luckily I was there to fix it though. One of the ladies in at the time commented on how Martha ought to name a drink after me. So, she took the request to heart and did just that. Heck she even advertised for them."
"A couple of people liked them for the most part, mostly though customers didn't even finish." Martha informs Seth.

"I was going to leave that detail out." I tell her in mock injury.

"It doesn't sound that bad." Seth cocks an eyebrow at me.

"Go ahead." I sigh knowing full well he's asking to try mine.

"Thank you." He replies happily as I hand it over.

I watch him carefully as he takes a large drag on the straw. His face doesn't betray any disgust. Finally though I pull my shake away from him realizing he's working on downing it all. He gives a large sigh and I manage to catch a glimpse of his fangs. Here I had completely forgotten I was enjoying milkshakes with Martha and a vampire. Quite the night.

"That's quite good." Seth tells me.

"You'll have to get your own." I tell him as I quickly down what's left of my shake.

Another hour passes as the three of us sit there talking about this and that. I learn that Seth just moved her a month ago and really hasn't found anything to do in town. He also tells us he's living with an old family friend here in town. We end up talking about more things than I can keep track of, though we definitely get along pretty well. Still Martha has to finally close.

"Well, you boys feel like helping an old lady do dishes?" Martha asks leaning on the other side of the counter.

"Oh, so now you're an old lady?" I ask.

"Watch it young man, you're doing dishes no matter what your friend says." Martha wags a finger at me.

"Sure, I don't have anything better to do." Seth tells me.

"Are you sure?" I double check not wanting to make him feel like he has to.

"Not at all." He responds. "That is if I can get a Cory on the house."

"Teenagers are all the same these days." Martha sighs exasperatedly. "You all think with your stomachs."

Never the less, she takes his glass and leads us both back to the dishes. She tells Seth she'll have one waiting for him when we get done. I don't bother to ask for another. I have to adhere to my one a day rule after all. I pass a pair of gloves to Seth and ask him to just load and unload if I scrub. It might be rude, but I figure he can do the heavy lifting since he's a least a little stronger than me.

"Your mom is quite the character." Seth tells me as we work.

"Yeah, she's got a lot of energy for a sixty year old lady." I tell him.

"She's sixty?" He gasps.

"I know right?" I shake my head as I scrape cheese off a plate. "She doesn't act her age at all."

"She's pretty cool." He tells me. "I've actually had a lot of fun."

"What does that actually mean?" I narrow my eyes kiddingly.

"I figured I was going to spend the whole night bored." He explains. "I've just really enjoyed hanging out."

"Yeah me too, on both accounts." I agree. "Martha took quite a liking to you as well. I'm sure she'll insist we have you over for dinner."

"Sounds nice." He confesses as he stacks some clean dishes.

"Well you're more than welcome to come over here at any time. If I had a cell phone I would give you my number." I offer.

"I should really get one myself." He tells me.

We keep chitchatting as we power through the worst of the dishes. Martha has a part time kid who does the dishes and cleans the store in the afternoon after the lunch rush is over, but by the time we close again the dishes are stacked back up. Still we manage to cut through a plethora of dried cheese and sticky plates.

"Well payment as promised." Martha declares handing Seth his shake in a to-go cup.

"See you tomorrow?" I ask Seth as we walk him outside.

"Definitely." He nods. "Thanks for the shake." He tells Martha before heading back towards the club.

"What a sweet boy." Martha tells me as we get in the car. "Nothing like the stories people tell about vampires."

"He probably heard you." I tease her as she gets in, though he really may have.

"Nonsense." She sniffs as she shuts the door and starts the car.

On the way home I can't help but think about how my night turned out so differently than I expected. First I made plans to only have them ruined. I end up setting in a sex room in the back of that club, and finally I end up back at the shop with a cute vampire. Wait? Did I just call him cute?

Oh well, he was. Still, what are the chances that the cute vampire is even interested in guys. For that matter how old is he? I remember him saying something about finishing up his High School degree so he can't be more than a year or two older than me. Crap! Things to ask next time!