(Wana POV)

I want to think that Kat's started to feel regret with her stupid decision but sadly, I think regret and feel afraid is the word that she didn't even know what is the meaning of it. In fact she loves to be here, in this old creepy abandoned house that is really close to our house.

Oh, I'm sorry. I always forgot to introduce myself, my name is Wana Izzacc, I'm 18 years old and I live with my friends. Why do I live with my friends? Well, it's started when my dad have make the house explode and why did my dad make the house explode? Well, did I forget to tell you that my dad is a scientist? He loves to make an experiment that involve with an explosion and chemical that is deadly to human being.

And that is the third reason why did I love my dad so much. So please don't you dare try to judge my dad for being so irresponsible and bla bla bla .I love him for who he is and nobody is perfect.

Anyway, today Kat's want to show to her sister, Helen that never ever in a million year to challenge or mess with her. Well, the story starts when…

"Want to hear a story?"

Everybody quiet. We all know having Kat to tell a story would be a very awesomely horrifying moment. She loves scaring everyone in the house by telling a same old story, a story about the old abandoned house nearby our house. She told us the house is haunted because of several of murderer case which happen to ended died in the same way, the case is still remain unsolved and the mystery started to be rumor around our neighborhood.

Kat still waiting for an answer. She had a devilish smile on her face. Kyra shook her head while hiding behind Eurytides. I told her not too, but she still insists of doing it. Kat was about to open her mouth until her sister Helen came from the kitchen and shove an apple's into Kat's mouth.

I laughed. And here we are in a house where Helen bought it from the internet, how did she bought a beautiful house that has garden and an awesome swimming pool from the internet is her little secret that she kept from us but who cares about that as long as we have a place to call home sweet home then it's fine. Her little sister, Kat had invited us to stay with them because she didn't want to stay with her sister all by herself.

So, Eurytides, Kyra and me! Wana Izzacc just stays there and enjoys ourselves. Helen didn't mind us to stay there due to the same reason that she had with her sister. The rules stated by Helen, of course. Sani, Lent and Qizz are the only guys that were allowed come into the house. Sani is Kat's boyfriend. Lent is Helen's boyfriend. While Qizz belongs to one special, adorable, loveable person... me! He he he… just kidding.

They are limited to stay at the living room only. One of Helen silly rules are: 'None of their feet are going to step into the bedroom floor unless there is her in the room with us'. Rules are rules. Sani and Qizz known Helen from a long time so Helen trusts them and they obey to her words. Lent…? Well, he is Helen's boyfriend and Helen is the one who made up all of the silly rules so…let it be.

"If you love ghost story so much, why don't you have your own experience?" Helen smirked.

"I'm sorry, big sis. Is that a challenge?" said Kat.

Helen was about to finish her words until Kat yelled that she accept the challenge.

And here we are, alone in the stupid old abandoned house. Did I have mention to you that the house is haunted by ghost, and now Kat's want me to set the tent in the living room? Is she crazy? Sadly, I think the answer is yes. Kat also brought a video recorder to prove and evidence to Helen that she didn't run away from her challenge. After we set the tent and the video recorder in place, Kat just look at me with her please-I-innocent-and-had-never-do-anything-wrong-to-you look. I asked her what's wrong and she said.

"Wana, do you bring anything to eat? I'm hungry!" I stare at her with a disbelieve look that I think it's clearly shown on my face.

"Kat, we just eat a large size pepperoni pizza with extra cheese like ten minute's ago and you still hungry?" she just laughs at me and suddenly, we hear a very loud noise up stairs like someone is having a big fight and there's a screaming tell them to stop the noise continue until we hear a loud knock at the door.

(Kat POV)

I don't know how to react in this kind of situation, because I had never been in one before. Wana stare at me and by the way she look at me, I know that she will kill me for getting her involve in this mess. The loud noise that we hear has stop, but the knock at the door still continue furiously. I heard someone calling Wana and my name, and the voice seems familiar to me.

Without hesitate, I rush through the door and open it. To my surprise, I see Sani, Helen and Qizz. Helen and Sani hug me so tight until I feel like my bone want to crash to million pieces, I tell Qizz that Wana is inside sitting in the living room, he run toward the living room and I heard him yell at Wana for being here in the middle of the night.

(Qizz POV)

"What are you thinking, are you losing your mind Wana?! What the hell are you doing here in the middle of the night?" I asked or more practically yell at her, looking at her big brown eyes I know that I can't really stay mad at her. I hug her tightly afraid that she will disappear in front of me if I don't, she tell me that she was so sorry and ask me what am I doing here.

"Helen just called me, and tells me that she heard you guys screaming. She worried about you guys and asked me and Sani to help her searching you two in this old house, do you know that I almost had an heart attack when I heard about you screaming for help!"

(Sani POV)

I want to kill who ever it is that make my baby girl scared. If Qizz didn't call me then I would not even know that Kat were here with Wana.