(A/N: A bunch of 'moments' that are hilariously and unfortunately enough, true. Send me some if you have any (even better if they're true.) On another note, you won't believe how depressed I was after seeing that after 6 reviews, I didn't get a single answer to the question I posted last chapter. Still waiting!)

That awkward moment when you're in a different room and can hear your family telling the TV characters to "Move left! No, she's coming on that side!" while watching an action movie, except you don't know that and are just left looking nauseously at the door. Talk about uncomfortable...

That awkward moment when you're sleeping during a field trip, and in your dream you trip and wake up having a spaz attack in your sleeping bag, and all the other girls just blink at you for a minute.

The pathetic moment when you're finished with a movie series and just don't know what to do with your life anymore.

That awkward moment when you call your friend and you forget whom you called, and so you try to hang up but the phone is picked up on the other line and the person's mom is all, "Hey! How are you!" But you don't know whose mom it is and you just hang up the line, and later your crush walks up to you and says that he doesn't care if you've texted him so many weird things, but he draws the line when you mess with his mom. Turns out your best friend switched her number with his in your cellphone. Is she asking to be punched?

The walk of shame you have to do when you shoot something into the trash can but it misses, and you have to go and put it in properly, but it bounces against the rim and you throw your hands up in frustration and stomp away, but your mom catches you. We all know what happens next.

That idiotic moment when you're telling a story and realize that nobody is listening, so you slowly fade out and pretend you never said anything.

That awkward moment when you still can't hear what someone said after three times, and just laugh and hope it wasn't a question, and it is.

That awkward moment when everybody stares at you when you make a yo mama joke to a sibling. At a family reunion.

That awkward moment when you go to lick the sauce off of your arm, then realize... it wasn't your arm...

That awkward moment when October 2013 becomes the official month of babies because the world didn't end on December 21.

That awkward moment when they expect a handshake and you go in for a hug, and it ends up becoming the universally known bro-handshake-thingy.

The deer-in-the-headlights look when the whole class stares at you when you come back from the bathroom.

That pitiful moment when you buy a bag of air and there are chips-CHIPS!- inside. The horror.

When you receive your Hogwarts letter 9 years later and have to explain to your friends why you're dropping out of school.

That awkward moment when you're talking to yourself and start grinning like an idiot because you're just so hilarious and your teacher asks you after class what on earth you were smiling for the entire class. In the library, where mostly everyone can hear her. (True story, true story.)

That awkward moment when you're yelling at someone and mess up a word. (Don't you hate that?)

That awkward moment when you make a Harry Potter reference and none of the muggles get it.

That awkward moment when your teacher becomes pregnant and you realize - they actually have a life out of school.

That moment when the room just falls into an awkward silence, waiting for someone to say, 'awkward...'.

That awkward moment when a silence isn't awkward until someone goes and says that it is, and makes it awkward. Ouch.