The Batman

We had saw it when we came through the gates. It loomed over us when we walked in. All the shiny black metal glistened in the sunlight. Everyone wanted me to go on but I didn't because I had never gone on anything like it before. Whish is all I herd. The sounds of something screeching fast by me. Whish there it was again. The ground shook. My friends kept saying it wasn't as bad as I thought to try to boost my courage. It kind of helped.

I finally got up the courage to go I walked through the gate; the crew member measured me to see if I was tall enough. I was unfortunately, that was my last hope at surviving. We got past the gate and the screams became louder as we approached. Beads of sweats were coming of my head and it wasn't from the heat.

Finally after what seemed like hours we made it to the front of the line. Our group wanted to sit in the front. This being my first time I really didn't want to but we did anyway. We sat down. That day I wore flip-flops. I was told to take them off or else they would be in the lake. So I sat on them and that just made me more scared. I hocked myself into the seat with the shoulder straps. Then we started to move.

Click click click we heard as we slowly went up the hill. We kept getting higher and higher. I could see the whole park. As we approached the top we stopped then we went over and it was fast. My hair was whipping all around my face. Everyone way yelling "YEAHHHH" and "AWWWWESSSOOOOMMEE" but me I just screamed. Then we made it to the final loop and arrived into the terminal and I was speechless. I always knew Batman was my favorite superhero. Now it was my favorite ride.