Twelve Months

It took me twelve months

To lose and gain

A best friend

Fifty-two weeks

To learn and forget

Why I lost her

In the first place

Three hundred, sixty-five days

To watch it happen again

And eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty hours

To understand

Why I deserve it

Twelve months

To lose and find


Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes

To learn and realize

Why I don't want to be her


And thirty-one million, five hundred sixty thousand seconds

To understand

Why I'm wrong

And why I DO need

To be that girl

Twelve months

To realize that

I AM important

Twelve months

To understand

Why I can't spend

Another twelve months

Pretending to be someone

I'm not

Twelve months

To find myself

Twelve months

To realize who I am

Twelve Months