When I was young they told me love is all you need,

I am guessing they lied.

Seems you and I just were never meant to be,

And heaven knows we tried.

We had our own world:

I was your stars and you were my sun.

I never dreamed that

You wouldn't be my only one.

I love you more each day,

But it's over anyway.

I don't know when you stopped telling me what's on your mind,

You used to tell me everything.

I don't know when I started trying to hide away myself from you;

Things just kinda lost their swing.

I know you never meant to hurt me,

I know you'd never do me wrong.

I know we were so strong,

It's over anyway.

It seems that these days you don't know me,

And truthfully you don't like what you do.

You're a very familiar stranger,

And I can't keep up with you.

Our fire burned with a sizzling passion,

But these days we're left in the soot and muck.

Best friends and partners of the greatest fashion,

But if I want respect these days I'm outta luck.

I know that you still love me and just how much you want this too.

We keep trying, but we are broken and I can't stand another fight with you.

I know how hard we tried,

It's over anyway.

Just over anyway.

Can't believe it anyway.