A/N: Just a little poem for my Creative Writing class. Hope ya like

(it wouldn't let me seperate the stanzas so the line just means there's supposed to be a space there.)


Horrific Symphony

As the vociferous crack of blistering lighting resounds through my adolescent ears,

the chilling pessimistic shadows begin to overcome my senses.

As the vicious screaming and bloodcurdling shouts begin,

I pray that tonight will be the last I have to hear this horrific symphony.

Doors are slamming, shielding the beautiful world from my view;

windows are shattering; much like my prepubescent heart.

I run, but the daunting sound still manages to consume me.

You said this would stop, you said everything was going to be okay;

I wish I could tell my young self not to believe in such murderous lies.

I try to convince you to stop, to just let me be,

but you once again force me into darkness where only the brave crawl out.

As I try to decipher the meaning behind your petrifying actions, I hear it;

the silence is thunderous. I scream, but nothing comes out.

Realization is a tactless slap to the face;

I lock myself in the bathroom,

where I reside on the floor,

hoping, pleading to shield myself from the world.

The sickening orchestra commences again, leaving my thoughts ceasing to exist.

Their melodramatic knives wretch in my heart;

I wish to be swept away by the sea, convinced that the horizon must be quieter;

here where I sit, in the dark on the tile,

as the howls of indifference cloud my already storm flooded eyes,

I clutch my sides, desperately trying to grasp the remains of my sanity,

here is where I pray,

that tonight will be the last of this horrific symphony.

So... what did you think? This was really personal for me to write, so I hope it came across the way I wanted it to.