Fernandi's Adventures: Chapter 21- Droids to the Rescue

While Fernandi and his friends faced imminent death, Roberto was faced with the excruciating and torturing pain of ... boredom. All day long, Roberto sat their in chains in a locked up anti-magical prison, where the only interesting thing that came was the green blob (prison food- doesn't taste so great, unless you add a tad of soy sauce) that squished through the walls. The boredom was so severe that he could feel the power draining from him, day after day...

Roberto's power dwindled until he could no longer open his eyes fully. Then, suddenly, on an uneventful prison Monday (Roberto had a calendar with him), his toes started itching tremendously. Roberto scratched with all his might, but the itch was persistent and refused to go away. Instead, the itching intensified to the point that Roberto was shaking at supersonic speed. Then the chains broke after a few ear-splitting booms. Once the ear pain subsided, Roberto noticed that his toes didn't itch anymore. He also noticed that he was free.

"So that's how you break anti-magic chains," Roberto thought out loud as he placed on some magic earplugs.. Then the itch came back to his toes. However, it wasn't the same I-am-going-to-rip-my-toes-out itch, it was more of a Fernandi-and-his-friends-are-in-grave-danger itch. Before Roberto could scratch his bright red toes, a vision flashed in front of his eyes. It showed Fernandi being continually beaten by a cactus monster, Izrael being mauled by saber-tooth tiger, David being harassed by cubs, Bill (assumed it was Bill) surrounded by a deadly swarm of killer bees, and Ryan being chomped on by an unknown creature. "Can they do anything without me?" Roberto exclaimed feeling immense frustration and despair. Roberto paced around the room frantically trying to find a solution for his doomed friends. Then his phone rang. "Now I get connection!" Roberto growled as he flipped out his invisible smartphone . Roberto ended the call (it was a telemarketer) and his eyes widened, for he had found the answer to saving Fernandi and his gang' butts. With a few swipes and pushes, Roberto had notified every wizard known in OzLand about the Dark Magician. He also bribed them (with new spells) to save Fernandi and his group. Little did Roberto know, there was only one other wizard in OzLand... and he was nowhere near Fernandi. As soon as Roberto pressed send, the wall exploded open. Roberto quickly pocketed his phone and prepared for the worst. There stood in the hole of the wall was a furious Dark Magician. Steam was rising from his ears as he murderously stared at Roberto. Instinctively, Roberto swung a hypersonic punch right at the evil and livid sorcerer's nose. It never got there. Roberto stood there frozen like a statue,his fist inches away from the Dark Magician's face.

"You thought you could punch me? A simpleton like you?" roared the chuckling warlock, "I could crush you like a ladybug. Even in your own fortress, you couldn't hold back my overwhelming power!" After a few more booming laughs, the Dark Magician became seriously and barked, "The reason I came here wasn't to fight. I came here to ask you nicely first, WHERE IS FERNANDI?" The last sentence was literally screamed into Roberto's plugged ears. Despite the intensity of the situation (and the enraged Dark Magician), Roberto seemed to be not paying attention to the Dark Magician, but instead he was straining his body till he was shade of dark red. "Don't even try to escape. You're wasting your energy" the Dark Magician commented. However, Roberto wasn't trying to escape. Roberto was pushing his wizardly abilities to the limit by holding back his sonic boom and amplifying it. Veins bulged from Roberto's skull, his face turned purple, and his whole body was quivering vigorously. "You look very comical, but you have to stop and answer my question," the Dark Magician stated impatiently. Then Roberto burped. A burp as loud as a million sonic shattered the Dark Magician's wizardly ear drums and the pure force of the belch blasted the walls apart. The prison was collapsing. The Dark Magician, however, was not going to let Roberto go so a defiant and rabid cry, the Dark Magician zapped a bolt of sheer evil at Roberto. Swift as a hedgehog, Roberto dodged the lethal strike. As the bolt zoomed passed Roberto, waves of tremendous dark magic knocked back Roberto off his feet. Then, it exploded, frying everything within a mile's radius. Luckily, Roberto was wearing sunscreen SPF , the destruction wasn't done yet. A huge black hole erupted right in front of Roberto's face. Roberto was sucked in before he could blink. Desperately, Roberto grabbed the nearest thing he could find: The injured Dark Magician. Both wizards flew into the big hole of doom screaming.

Meanwhile... Fernandi and his friends faced impending death, each in their own individual hopeless scenarios. With no help coming... except for that one wizard. That one wizard was titled, Wizard of Technoland (everyone called him Ulizes, though). Ulizes was zipping through the green sky with his hovercraft, ready for rescue. Unfortunately, he would never make it in time. Fernandi was unconscious from extreme beating, Izrael was being ripped to shreds, David was meeting a similar fate as Izrael, Bill was full of holes, and Ryan was already halfway through being digested. There is a quote: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". Well, when the going gets tough, Ulizes sends out his androids to do the hard work. With a push of a button, 5 droids popped out the hovercraft and rocketed forward to save the gang's sorry behinds. The first android spotted Bill first. It took out a can of super-bug repellents and sprayed it over the cloud of bees. The killer bees shifted their focus on the droid and attacked. The droid shot out flames and burned the throng of bees to the ground. Bill laid unconscious. The second droid spotted David screaming on the top of his , the droid pulled out a hunting shotgun and tranquilized the cubs. David fainted. The third droid spotted Izrael barely holding back the ferocious beast. The droid landed next to the brawl and pulled out an irresistible and delicious Krabby Patty. The saber-tooth tiger immediately forgot about Izrael and pounced in the direction of the smell ,ready to chow it down. However, the droid quickly pulled back the Krabby Patty and wrapped up the feline, before it could even meow. Izrael went into shock from the huge amount of injuries he sustained. The fourth droid spotted Fernandi. The droid pulled out a chainsaw and shredded the man-eating-cactus into nothing but needles and mushy green stuff. Fernandi barfed and went back to being dead. The last droid couldn't find Ryan, so it returned back to home base (Ulizes) with the rest of the droids to report their rescue.

Meanwhile... Trish has been holding her breath for a week and she can't hold on much longer.

Trish is alive? Where's Ryan? Find out in the next chapter!