A/N: First of all, I am not a crystal meth user. I just used this as a concept that can be interpreted in any way. Second of all...I hope you enjoy.


I'll Trade You My Crystal for Your Meth

Here we are again my love,

in this filthy and deserted handicap bathroom.

The relief of knowing our drowning journeys will soon become one,

causes my already erratic breathing to become painfully shallow.

My blood runs like hot copper through my cold veins in anticipation of the end.

As I wait for our ashen lines to enter our deteriorating and selfish minds,

as I look into your unfocused and concerned eyes,

I can't help but get a buzz off of knowing we only do this because we love each other.

The severe necessity is becoming too much;

our fragile bodies are on fire;

your pale hands tremble uncontrollably as I scrape my dirty finger nails down your back.

As the angry red lines start to spread,

I scream as you smoke what seems to be my last wounded breath.

Our amaurotic eyes are black with lust,

as your secondhand mist reaches my weakened core,

all I can think of is we need those crystals for our love to survive.

I feel like I'm going to solemnly die from being so unconsciously free;

I can slowly feel our lungs turning white and bleeding out with happiness.

The feel of your scorching hot touch; the inevitable grey ghost in my mouth;

the way I can see your thrashing heart right through your chest,

it makes me feel like maybe we're not so crazy.

We are just blinded you see; our reality is our high.

Here in this cramped and dingy room,

as we crush our crazy love with your credit card of lies and deceit,

as it violently mixes and slices through our dark lungs of depression and insanity,

my throbbing heart is like your bloody crystal;

your infatuating ego is like my icy meth.

There is a reason why I love you.

So... what did you think?