I'm pretty new to Fiction Press, but when I discovered FanFiction had a sister site that allowed ramblings about real life, I couldn't resist.

So this is basically a journal. I'm not a very important person—or arrogant for that matter, lest you suspect me—but I believe that regardless of your status in our planet's messed up social hierarchy, everybody has stories to share that should be listened to. My CIS teacher encouraged us all to write down pivotal, inspiring and revelational moments in our lives, so this is what I'm doing.

There is a moral to every story here, and I hope that on top of being able to laugh/mock/relate to someone else, you dear readers realize something, like I did, while either writing about or experiencing these events.

Feel free to comment and share your own experiences. I will post links to other stories if you decide to share, just ask in a review or a PM.