Hey, Tenshi, sorry it's late! Kie refused to cooperate for the longest damn time . As it is, this is your story. I am sorry it is short! I might come back and upload a second chapter or something, not sure yet. This takes place sometime in the future - how far, I dunno, lol. Probably not that long after Almost Living (is it in Almost Living? depends how long I make it). Please know this has little to no bearing on the actual plot, but was created for fun and because Tenshi requested it ;) I hope you enjoy it!

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Almost Teasing

Almost Living side story. In which it's Thanksgiving in Ethereal, and Terry gets what he wants. M for reason.

Thanksgiving was a time of 'giving', but apparently that meant nothing to a certain blue-haired immortal. I glared at Kieron as he happily trained away, twisting knives and swords like a pro, which he was, but still, a little acknowledgement would have been nice.

Feel the awesome force of my glare! Feel it!

If he noticed, he showed no sign. I sighed from where I sat on the porch of his mom and dad's house. Thanksgiving was a time of giving, but apparently things were different in Ethereal. After all, they didn't exactly celebrate it on the same day. My Thanksgiving – on earth! – wasn't until next week, while the one here was today.

Kieron dragged me all the way here for this? So I could watch him practice? Don't get me wrong, the man looks intoxicating when he's training in that sweaty, sticky shirt, muscles contracting roughly as he moved, eyes narrowed and determined…hair mussed up…

What was I saying?


He looked great and of course I liked watching him – not that I'd ever tell him that – but I'd been hoping for something. This was ridiculous. I folded my arms across my chest and continued glaring at him. Eventually he would feel the heat, right? He would glance over and see how annoyed I was, and he'd come over and…

Pay attention to me!

Okay, so maybe I was a little selfish…but c'mon! All I asked for was a little recognition, a little attention and…affection.

Hah! Affection from Kieron was pretty much unheard of. Even when we had sex he wasn't particularly 'affectionate'. That wasn't to say he hated me – he certainly didn't act like he had before, but still, sometimes I wondered. Every time I wondered, though, he wound up surprising me somehow, either by giving me zhin, asking about my well-being, or, well, other things…

Mmm. Zhin.

Oh how I loved that food! It was part of why I was here now – he'd promised me lots of zhin. Practically persuaded me to come – I hadn't wanted to at first. While things were still a bit sketchy at home, I did enjoy being home where I wasn't constantly hunted or around people 'better' than me. Of course, despite how much I tried, I could never seem to deny the guy anything. He just looked at me with those dark blue eyes and suddenly all thought went out the window.

"Terry," Kieron said, and I glanced at him, startled from my thoughts.

"Oh, now you see me?" I grumbled, glaring again. "I've been here for an hour! Just watching!"

His lips twisted into a faint smirk as he approached me, dropping his blade to the ground. "It's not like I didn't see you," he said, watching me, and I found myself melting because damn it, why did he have to look at me like that?

C'mon, self-control! You can do this!

Except I couldn't because I wound up sighing and shrugging, uncrossing my arms as I averted my gaze to the ground. "What's for supper?" I asked instead of looking at him. It just seemed easier that way.

"You'll see," he said evasively.

"Zhin? You promised."

Now he chuckled. The sound still seemed so strange coming from him. Of course, it was happening more frequently now, and I enjoyed it. It was much better than those previous snarls and growls and sneers.

"It's not for a while," he said, "so what do you want to do?"

I eyed him up and down, a smile crossing my lips. "I could think of a few things," I said.

He stared at me for a moment. "In my parents' house?" he asked incredulously, and then barked out a laugh. "You're joking."

"No, I'm not."

"Human, I'm not-"

"I've been sitting here for an hour," I complained, "I think you owe me. Plus, y'know, it's all about giving."

"Give what?"

"You know what," I said, narrowing my eyes at him. He knew what I wanted. It had been a while, after all – how long? A month? It was ridiculous! Finally we had a free moment together, and I planned on taking advantage of that fact.

He'd been busy lately. There was a lot of people to train, and he, of course, still had his gatekeeping job. It took up a lot of his time, unfortunately. Even if I stayed in Ethereal, short of going with him each time, I didn't see how we could see each other that often. I'd be lying if I said this didn't bother me.

But now we were finally together and his parents weren't even home right now. It was the perfect time!

"Kie," I whined, "pleeaasee."

I begged. I'm not going to lie and say I don't beg. As a submissive bottom, it was my job, after all. I never topped and while I thought about it sometimes, I wasn't sure if I ever would. It just wasn't me. I preferred to take than give, and not in the selfish way, I don't think.

To put it simply, I couldn't see myself holding someone else down and doing as I please with them. It was just not in my nature, despite how I sometimes wondered how it would feel.

Kieron groaned. "Why?" he complained, and it was cute because he never actually complained. He might groan about something, or scoff, but rarely outright complained.

I snickered because I knew I was winning this argument. Kieron could act tough all he wanted, but it had still been a month, for both of us. Unless he cheated. Suddenly my smile vanished and I wasn't so sure anymore.

He seemed to notice the change and frowned at me. "What?" he asked.

I shrugged because what could I say? It wasn't like I doubted him – right? It wasn't even like we were really exclusive…well…not technically. Very few people even knew of our relationship. More people knew about our bond, which maybe meant they knew of the relationship, but I doubted it. According to Kieron, one didn't have to be together to complete the bond.

He sighed and scrubbed a hand over his face. "Okay," he sighed, "fine. For once, you win. Let me shower first."

He started walking into the house. I grinned after him, my heart feeling lighter. Quickly, I chased after him and grabbed him by the arm. He turned toward me.

"I've never done it in the shower," I told him with a wide grin. I wasn't counting the whole 'surprise sex' bit as 'in the shower'. That was an experience never to be mentioned again. I didn't even think Kieron knew about it. Who would have told him? Certainly not me, and he rarely spoke to any of my friends.

He eyed me. "What makes you think we're doing it in the shower?"

"Oh, c'mon," I said, "please? No one is here."


"It's been a month," I said with a pout. He watched me for a long moment before he sighed and shrugged. I mentally cheered at my victory and followed him to the bathroom.

"Just once," he said.

"Is that all I get?"

He frowned. "What more do you want?" he asked, closing the bathroom door behind us.

I shrugged. "What if I want to take control once in a while?"

It wasn't like I would…just…could I?

He watched me for a long moment. "What do you mean?"

"Like, say, I took control…and you did what I said."

He scowled. "Why?"

I shrugged again. "Just wondering."

He scoffed. "I don't bottom."

"I know, I know," I sighed. "Whatever. Shower time!"

I quickly turned the water on. It was mostly like a normal shower except different. I wasn't sure why it looked different, but it did. The knobs were different somehow, and the tub itself seemed made out of something I didn't understand. It wasn't metal, it wasn't wood, but something in between. A very smooth wood which didn't get damp, really.

Very unique. I liked it.

Quickly, I stripped and stepped into hot water. As it trickled down my body, I released a relieved sigh. Movement outside the curtain had me peeking out to see Kieron dropping our clothes in a neat pile. Despite his exterior, he actually preferred things pretty tidy and neat, which always came as a small shock to me.

Enough about that. I raked my gaze over his naked body and felt myself growing hard. A month without him like this took it's toll, after all. Skin already glistening with sweat from his practice, I watched as biceps flexed and he walked toward me. Quickly I ducked back inside the shower as though I'd never been watching him in the first place.

He stepped inside. The shower was small, I suddenly realized. When I was alone it seemed so big, but now that two of us were in it, there was very little room to move without stepping into each other. I didn't mind, though. It just gave me an excuse to practically lean into him.

"I can't believe this," he sighed, scowl obvious in his voice as the water slicked back his dampened blue hair. The blue became darker, almost a light shade of black, if that made sense, and I grinned at him.

"Why not?" I asked, allowing my hand to trace down his chest, down his athletic stomach and toward his hips. He slapped my hand away and I pouted at him. "Kie."

"My show," he said. "My show, my shower, my rules."

I grinned. "I can live with that," I said, because I could. This was new territory for both of us – well, at least together. If Kieron ever did this in a shower before, it certainly wasn't with me. Of course, he was immortal – pretty much – and so he'd probably been with a lot of people, despite his lack of interest in the topic.

Of course, he was never prone to talk about his past. I didn't push it because I didn't want him to shut me out. It took so long for me to finally find a way in.

He shifted in the hot water before his hand caught my thick hair in a tight hold, bringing my head forward. His lips captured mine in a dominating, rough kiss and I eagerly pressed into him, feeling our bodies mesh together. I shoved him backward somewhat, his head just under the shower spray, water blinding him. In one fluid movement, he moved and had me pinned against the wall on the far end of the shower.

"Kie," I breathed into his hot mouth, "please."

Eyes smoky due to the steam and aglow with mirth, he watched me as he leaned back somewhat, hands firm on my shoulders, holding me against the wall. Despite the relaxed hold, I knew I couldn't move away. He might look relaxed and at ease, but he had a hell of a grip and he was certainly a lot stronger than me. Despite this, I didn't feel afraid. I didn't feel helpless as I had with the whole 'surprise sex'.

And that made it better, because right now, if I wanted to stop, I could. I could growl at him, kick him, try to shove him away, and that would be it. I'd be free to leave.

But of course I didn't want to leave. I wanted this. Needed this.

When he didn't move, I struggled forward despite his strong grip, and grabbed him around the waist, tugging him more toward me. Our bodies touched again, cocks erect and touching, and I moaned as his lips caught mine in a long, drawn out kiss. I sometimes forgot he didn't need to breathe quite as much as me – immortal, after all – and so when we finally broke, I felt somewhat winded and sucked in air quickly.

I tangled a hand in the back of his hair, trying to keep his head near mine, our lips almost touching. His breath ran over my face and gave me chills. In a quick motion, I was torn away from him and turned, my chest pressed against the wall now, my hands splayed out near my head to catch me. His hands caught my wrists, holding them firm to the wall, scooting them up over my head. I gave a tug but could not pull them free, and he moved toward me.

"Why so eager?" he whispered, breath hot on my neck as his teeth bit down hard on a patch of skin. I suppressed the yelp and instead sighed breathlessly, because damn it, why did he have to do this so slow? Why tease?

"Because," I breathed.

"Oh?" he asked, and I could almost picture him raising that delicate brow. His cock rubbed across the crease in my ass and I sucked in a sharp breath, growling when he pulled back, away from me, hands still firm on my wrists. "Why?"

"Because! Now c'mon!"

"No, Terry, you don't order me," he said, but there was a smirk in his voice, and he was biting on my neck again, leaving red marks in his wake.

"Kie," I groaned, resting my forehead against the warm, wet wall. "C'mon." A breath. "Please."

The rumble of his mouth against my neck as he sucked on my skin was the only indication I got of his chuckle. Skin pulled and pinched and I winced as he pulled back. I could already feel the hickey along with the teeth marks from his little bites.

He moved both my hands to directly above my head and then held them together with one hand. I tested the movement, trying to pull my hands down, but his grip held tight despite the less than stable hold he now had. I sighed and then stiffened, breath catching in my chest when his free hand trailed down my right side, over my hips, across my stomach, and up my chest, missing the area I suddenly needed him to touch.

"Kie," I groaned again, "stop toying."

"Why would I do that?" he asked, voice husky, and it sent a familiar thrill down my spine.


A breathy laugh echoed above the continuous flow of the shower water. His body covered me from the water, though, but it still splashed on my heels. The familiar solid and warm firmness traced around my entrance and I bit down on my lower lip and then growled when he tore away again.


He laughed loudly this time. "Yes?"

"Stop toying with me!"

"Why should I?" His voice was suddenly right in my hear, his lips against the lobe and I shivered, taking in a slow breath to steady myself, my erection firm against the wall.

"Because," I whispered.

"Because why?"

"Because I want you," I said quietly, trying to tug my hands free again.

"The more you struggle," he said, "the longer I won't do anything."

Instantly I stopped trying to get free and stood there, frozen.

"Now," he said quietly, "do you want lube?"

"No," I said quickly, "just please."

He didn't like lube anyway, and I'd gotten used to not always having lube around – especially with the whole 'surprise sex' bit. The lube then had been horrible, making me crave the sex even though I was terrified, and I didn't want to experience that again.

It was just safer – and quicker, damn it – without lube.

He chuckled.

The tip of his cock pressed into my hole and I stiffened. Again, it had been a month – I wasn't that used to it.

He politely gave me a minute before he shoved in some more, and then out. I growled again. "Kie!" He knew I wanted this – why make me growl at him for it?

"Just checking," he said, amused as he shoved in again, this time all the way in one quick go, and I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my lips. He stayed still for a moment before I nodded, and then he pulled out, then in, in a steady rhythm, rocking his hips slowly.

Pleasure exploded through me and I suddenly couldn't quite catch my breath, but it wasn't enough. I tried to shove myself backward some, more onto him, but he only stepped back as well, not allowing it. "Kiiiiee," I whined, "faster."

He did as I said, rocking more quickly, in and out and in and out, slamming my front into the wall, giving me the needed friction. I'm not ashamed to say I came nearly a minute later with a breathy moan of "Kie!" – Kieron was just that good, and again, it had been a fucking month.

Even after I came, he kept ramming into me, and the pleasure was just starting to rise back up again when he exploded inside me. A second later he pulled out, limp, and stepped back into the warm flow of the water.

His hand released my wrists and I stepped away from the wall, legs weak from holding me up, and turned to face him. He offered a quick smile before he grabbed the shampoo and gestured for me to hold out a hand. He squirted some into my open hand and then some into his, but before he could start washing his own hair, I ran my hands through his wet locks, beating him to the punch, and he stared at me and then sighed as I massaged his scalp.

When his own hands landed in my hair, I couldn't suppress the grin which spread across my face – nor did I want to, because I finally got what I wanted, damn it. After a month, of course.

It wasn't until we got out of the shower and left the bathroom we realized Kieron's parents were, in fact, in the kitchen at the table. My face blazed hot when I realized they had to have heard us, especially when they gave us that look. Kieron shrugged and draped his arm lazily across my shoulders.

"What?" he asked. "I was tired – I needed help showering."

I grinned at him and tugged him out of the kitchen and into the hallway. He gave a faint smirk when I kicked open the door to my room and led him inside.

Dinner that night paled in comparison – even with the zhin – to the fun in the shower.

Not that I'm complaining.

And there's that O.o Tenshi, sorry it's so short and probably not that "yummy" but I tried XD Kie refused to really cooperate, and this was all he would do O.o Hope you enjoy it! Please remember this holds little to no bearing on the actual plot of Almost Living, and is some time in the future - how far, I don't know yet, but we'll find out when Almost Living ends XD haha. Thanks for reading and please review!