Dust was I, and dust I'll be.

My flesh will fail eternity.

This cloud's arisen, my vapor's stirred,

But soon to rest, and quiet the words

That in my mouth will cease to linger,

Silent in the moments hither;

Lost in shadows, this body then forgotten,

But my soul set free in God's own heaven.

My mistakes and murmurs unkind

No longer to mock and quip my mind.

Free from regret upon my heart;

From this plague, I shall depart

To appear in glory, all robed in white,

Submerged in God's perfected light.

Oh, this dust could ne'r inherit

His love, yet God chose to share it

With I, a person of awful sin,

And He, of perfect and spotless kin.

No more do I fear that coming day

When earthly things will pass away,

And I will sleep betwixt the dearth

For an instant before with joyous mirth,

I'll awaken in heaven to my Savior's face,

Because I received of his glorious grace.

Though dust am I, and dust I'll become,

My soul will forever remain as one.

When trumpet will sound, I'll give a cry

Of merriment and a consented sigh.

No longer withheld by this body ungainly,

I'll live in paradise with my Lord eternally.