So…um…This is kind of what happened in a dream between someone and I? I thought it would be a really cool story line so I am switching around stuff and twisting it to my liking into a story. There is a femalexfemale relationship in the story, the main character being in that relationship. Don't like it, leave.

Looking myself once over in the mirror, I smiled, satisfied with the way my hair flowed, edgy with razored layers, to frame my face and then smoothing back into a high placed spiky ponytail. My grey eyes widened and narrowed quickly, judging the width of the dark black substance ringing my eyes to boost the light grey of the irises—perfect. A grin trailed as I straightened my plaid skirt and corset, pulling the tight black denim jacket sleeves well over my fair wrists.

Something flickered in the room behind me, as the light was on and shadows played across the floor. A gentle touch sparked sensation over my hips causing a jump and a light giggle echoed throughout the rather small dorm bathroom. "Anesti," I breathed, looking down gleefully at the girl now seated on the floor.

The girl nodded her thickly spiked hair in acknowledgment. "Valor." She raised a hand to the back of her neck, slowly rubbing it and as her head slightly turned, due to the fact that from the top of her ear down was shaved, one could see that her ears were stretched to the size of nickels. Thin black tunnels were placed in where one could see straight through her ear. Three other lobe piercings and a cartilage piercing hooped through her ear. She looked up suddenly, biting her lip with small, perfectly white teeth, her bright blue eyes shone through her heavy black framed glasses.

"You know," she spoke teasingly, "you should feel bad for knocking me to the floor."

"You snuck up on me!" I yelled in protest, giggling.

My hands fell down in offering to lift the other girl up. Fuck, she was so going to—the sudden thought passed through my head even as she done it, right before my brain registered the evil glint in her eyes too late and she forcefully pulled me to the floor on top of the intruder. My lips were attacked mercilessly as the other girl gained momentum, wiggling from under my misplaced falling and shifting on top of my lap in a fluid, sudden movement. A feeling of containment leeched onto me as Anesti barricaded my head, placing her small hands on either side of my face, holding me roughly against the floor.

The purple locked girl laughed once more before planting another kiss down onto full and slightly swollen lips. Her legs adjusted, coming up where she could sit up on my flat and now visible stomach as my corset had ridden up in the attack. Her eyes squinted as a thought emerged and she bounced up and back down and with a sudden shock, the breath left my lungs in a whoosh of air and my hands instinctively flew to cover my eyes with the backs of my hands as I struggled to giggle through lost air.

"Get off," I murmured, not at all in a rude and upset way.

"Why?" Anesti questioned, peering down. Her bangs immediately fell into her face and she huffed, pressing her fingers through her hair to feather it sideways out of her eyes.

"Because you're suffocating me!" I pressed up violently with me hands, catching Anesti off guard and sending her to the floor.

She was always so playful. It really thrilled me to see my significant other so happy all of the time. Anesti crawled off, planting a light kiss to my nose before squatting and grabbing my still face covering hands, pulling the both of us up.

"Off to class?" I asked, turning to raise an eyebrow at the girl trailing me. "Or are you going to attack me again?" The thought concluded as I walked out of the bathroom, grabbing my laptop off my bed and hurriedly closing it into slumber before turning to grab Anesti's hand, interlocking out fingers.

"I can't now!" she yelled, pouting, "you wouldn't be too happy with me if I knocked your laptop from your hand."

A laugh forced its way from my throat as the door clicked and the other girl opened it, a noise going off after as the intercom went off. It droned on for a bit as we continued down the dorm hallway, turning a grey shag carpeted corner into a magnificent hallway. There were great windows facing many views of the campus from woods to the buildings in the distance. The entire lobby was decked in chrome and black accents from the chairs to the tile on the checkered floor. A few students sat in chairs in various places of the grand room, stretched in different stances, all with laptops in their laps.

"Anesti Zindell and Valor Zome," the intercom finished, shutting off with a screech.

"Oh?" my girlfriend mumbled, looking up from her ripped shirt sleeve she'd been playing with as they'd walked. "I wonder what that's about…" she voiced, her voice fading out at the end of her sentence.

"There's no telling," I mumbled, changing direction to walk to the opposite side of the lobby to head to the headmaster's office instead of to history.