As the disembodied voice came into his mind, he already knew it was time to go. In one smooth motion the ceiling tile disappeared, He shot up into the space above, through a skylight and landed on the roof. "Why was there a skylight in the space above the rooms?" Then something began to make noise, and he jumped onto the parking lot, and then into the trees. The parking lot exploded, rocketing into the air in one huge piece of concrete. When I reached its apex, it broke apart and plummeted down, nearly striking the boy. As lights began to flicker on and commotion began inside, and many voices all wondering what caused the massive explosion outside. As he ran back towards the building, the confused and dazed church staff and youth begin to wander outside, curious that they were still alive, and wondering what happened. A streak flew towards them, and many dodged it, unable to tell what the streaking object was as it struck one of them, vanishing with it into the night. As it disappeared into the trees, none noticed it had taken one of their numbers. As the faculty began to survey the damage, ensure no one was hurt, and call the authorities, someone wondered where Nikki had gone. As the authorities arrived and the faculty tried to explain what happened, people wandered back to bed, most of them never knowing what actually happened.

"Ow, what happened" chorused the voices as Nikki and Ryan slowly returned to the world of the living. Nikki was the first to recall the events of the previous night, her instincts kicking in, landing a solid kick on the boy laying head to toe next to her, slightly towards her feet. As he doubled over in pain, hoarsely trying to shout "what the hell was that for?", but ending in a coughing fit, she sat up and looked at him, realizing he meant her no harm. "Oh sorry, I didn't know who you were. What happened?" "I think something exploded…the water heaters or a gas main outside the building maybe?" "I don't know. Where are where Ryan?" They both struggled up, surveying their surroundings, when they both realized they were in the woods, and had no idea which way was civilization, they heard a noise. Both of the recognized it as a truck, and scrambled up, following the sound. Dodging thorns and trees, they burst out, on the shoulder of a small, two-way asphalt road, with no sign of humans. "Shit…sorry I need to watch the language Nicki." "It's fine, but what are we going to do now?" "Do you have your phone?" "No, they aren't allowed on these trips." "Right…should we just follow the road?" "I guess, unless you know of some magic city detector." "Alright then, let's go…so do you have any idea why we are out here?" "I don't know…maybe the explosion knocked us out here?" "No, if it did, we would have been near one of the others, besides this doesn't look like anything around the church," replied Ryan. As they turned the corner, the road ended. There were no dirt paths, no people, and no breaks in the trees. "Do you know which way the truck went?" "I'm sure it went this way, besides where would it have come from?" replied Nikki.