To whomever is reading this, I am moments away from my death. Simply holding on by sheer will and love. Because I love him.
If I had known what was going to happen, maybe I wouldn't have gotten involved in the arcanas of fate. I had to draw the card embodying death. The Death Arcana. We were allowed four arcanas each, when we first met. He and I. I was only 15 then, he was 18. Three whole years apart.
I drew the Lovers Arcana, as did he. That card sealed our romantic fate.
I drew the Hermit Arcana, he drew the Devil Arcana. Those cards sealed our sexual fate.
I drew the Star Arcana, he drew the Moon Arcana. Those cards sealed our destinies.
He drew the Fool Arcana... I drew the Death Arcana. My card sealed one of our dying fates. One of us would die, the other would be Death's puppet.
If I had known all that, I would have never entered that Arcana Shoppe. I would have resided nicely in my home, back in Iwatodai. I would have never went to Shiranui, met that prophet. I would have never hopped on a train to Sapporo and went to that Arcana Shoppe to meet my love. I would have never been in this predicament I'm in.
I wouldn't have been able to know love's sweet taste.
I would never have been capable of loving ever.
I could have continued on to Iwatodai College after graduating from Iwatodai Gakuen, transferred to Mitsubashi University, maybe study abroad in the States.
I could have been a lawyer, or a doctor.
But thing is... I don't regret what I've done.

I suppose you would like to know what's going on.
Let's rewind the tape a few months back... the start of all this chaos.

The name's Atsume Ryoka, most people just call me Ryo-ka (pun there) or Ryo-kun. I was born in Nara, but raised in Iwatodai. I grew up believing the paranormal, such as the Arcanas and psychics. Hell, my favorite game came from Shin Megami Tensei. Persona 3. I bought all the versions of that game possible: the original, FES, Portable (FeMC was a nice touch). ALL versions. I never would have guessed that some of the things they put in those games were true. What's true? The magik, being able to summon demons (SMT's Devil Survivor), and the Arcanas. Twenty-one total arcanas.
You know, it was just a normal day. No rain, no thunderstorms, no typhoons. A partially cloudy, cold, slightly windy day... and I happened to meet Sengoki-san. Sengoki-san is not a normal elderly man. He knows more things than most people should... or maybe he was just senile and happened to be coincidentally correct, I don't know. I can only speculate and be overanalytical about everything. It's just who I am.
Sengoki-san was an elderly man, no younger than sixty, no older than one hundred. With how much he knew (and the fact that he was talking like he knew about World War II), I'd venture to say he was born in later 1920s, early 1930s, via Gregorian Solar Calendar. I used that calendar more than Japan's lunar calendar because it was easier to read and keep track of.
How I met Sengoki-san was in a rather usual manner. Nothing unusual about it. I was on my way to Iwatodai Gakuen, getting ready to enter the train with my briefcase of a backpack in hand. I was dressed in my school uniform for men: white button down collared shirt, golden tie, black slacks, black socks, black suade shoes, and the school's golden cardigan with the school's crest and sigil on the right side of the chest area. It read "Iwatodai Gakuen" on the side of my arm in embroidery. It was Late October, so it had gotten chilly out. I stood there, waiting for that train, not knowing that I'd never board it again after today.
I looked over and saw Sengoki-san sitting under the shaded area of the terminal. He was on a beat up old blanket and holding a cup of tea. He kinda of reminded me of Tanaka (the head butler from Kuroshitsuji) because the cup was that style of cup. He sipped and looked at me, beckoning me forward with a finger. Raised in a household to respect my elders, I walked forward. He pointed to the ground, so I sat on my knees, prayer style.
"You are very trusting. Have no sense? What if I planned to take your life with a hidden blade, boy?" This was Sengoki-san's first lecture to me... it was also the way he first greeted me.
I blinked, looking taken aback. "E-excuse me?"
"You came too quickly. You should have been hesitant or do you always trust strangers like this?" He rose a brow, but I couldn't see his eyes, they were closed.
"I... don't understand, sir. You see, I was raised to respect my elders. Sumimasen," I bowed my head and he chuckled. Why was he laughing at me?
"Calm down, son. I am only teasing. You were taught proper, but sometimes, it's okay to be on guard, even around your elders," he smiled and I looked up. Why had he summoned me? I pondered many things as I thought of what to say next.
"You are probably curious as to why I beckoned you, hmm?"
Could he read minds? Was he some kind of telepathic being?
"I can assure you, I'm not psychic in the sense that I can read minds. I read emotions by both the way your facial expressions change and by vibes in the air that you emit," Sengoki-san smirked like an old man (because... he was an old man) and opened his eye to reveal one startingly bright blue eye with no pupil and a dark brown eye with a pupil.
"You're blind in one!" I gasped, out of reflex. He chuckled once more and nodded.
"I was born with this eye. I have never seen a single thing out of it, so half of my depth perception is shot," he closed his eyes again, leaving the brown eye open. "I tend to keep that eye closed or I wear and eyepatch, since it makes no difference."
I nodded.
"Oh forgive. I am Shiyoka Sengoki. Please, calle me Sengoki-san. I've never liked the last name formality," he smiled. "Who might you be, young lad? I've sensed you before."
"Astume Ryoka. Most people call me Ryo-ka as a joke," I answered as he nodded.
"You are indeed who I've been looking for. I had a vision. A name appeared and then a face. But faces tend to look a like. But now I have a matching name and face to my vision. You see, I envisioned you and another lad, Yatsuro Mikumi. Such fruitlessness. But I'm afraid you'll have to see me for more information, your train is arriving," he smiled a different smile. I looked back to see that my transportation had indeed arrive.
"Arigat-" I looked back and Sengoki-san was gone. I stood and looked around. Where had that old man gone? I was intrigued by what he told me... or maybe I was going insane and he was merely a figment of my imagination.
I stood and boarded my train.
Throughout the day, I just kept thinking over what Sengoki-san told me. Who was Yatsuro Mikumi? What was his time to me? Was I going clinically insane from cracking under the pressures of school, my peers, and my family?
I ended up in the Nurse's office because I got distracted in my PE class and was nailed in the face with a basketball. I got a bloody nose and my glasses died. Now I felt blind as a bat, too bad I didn't have that sonic thing bats had. Once I was bandaged up and my mom dropped off my spare glasses (and my contacts; just in case), the Nurse released me back to the last class of the day, mathematics. I hated the subject and was hardly good in it. I'm what they call an anime dork; if I was a nerd, I'd have good grades. I often disappointed my parents with my mathematical skills, since they're mathematical geniuses. My mom's a mathematician and a scientist; my father's a math teacher and an accountant. They had so many advantages over me and I was just their idiotic son who had a passion for the arts: English (and Japanese Literature), Theater, Creative Writing, etc. I wanted so much to be the next Gackt or Miyavi or Miku. But I was bound for doctor-hood or lawyer-hood. I didn't have a choice if I wanted to make my parents happy.

After school, I changed back into my school uniform (I was still in my PE uniform from PE because I didn't have time to change) and put my suade shoes back on. I was thinking about wearing loafers tomorrow. But I was still mulling over what Sengoki relayed to me, about my future... perhaps I wasn't crazy. Perhaps he was just a stealy old man. Or perhaps I'm really delusional and am currently in an asylum, wasting my life away.
It wouldn't haved surprised me at all if the latter were the truth. I felt a bit crazy sometimes, psychologically disturbed. Then I felt inane for thinking any of those things. I was perfectly logical and perfectly sane. But then again, 94% of psychopaths think they're sane. But maybe I wasn't a psychopath, maybe I was slowly morphing into genocidal sociopath. I did't even know anymore.
I headed towards Iwatodai-Gakuen station and entered the train. Sengoki-san. Would he be waiting for me when I got off?

"Welcome to Iwatodai-Gaken station. Please board the train. First stop is Naganaki Station." I entered the train and grabbed a handle. I preferred to stand, someone else could use the seat, like an elderly or a pregnant woman. You don't know. I zoned out as I thought about my bandaged nose and Sengoki-san... and Yatsuro Mikumi. What was going on?
"Now entering Naganaki Station."
I sighed and shiftede so people can get off and on. I turdn around to see Sengoki-san sitting right in front of me. I let out a startled yelp... people look.
"S-Sengoki-san?! Wh-what are you doing on here?!" I took a step back as the old man smiled and gave a wise chuckle.
"Now departing Naganaki Station. Next stop Iwatodai station."
"You won't be getting off there," he stated.
"What? Why not?" I asked, panicking.
"Because if you want to know your fate, you'll get off at Shibua station, take a cab to the subway and ride to Shiranui Underground Station. Then you'll meet the prophet at the Hachiko statue replica," Sengoki-san stated with a knowing smile.
"Prophet? What prophet? You're seeming pretty prophetic yourself, old man!"
"But I am not. I am merely the messenger of the prophet, here to guide you to your fate."
I bit my lip and looked away. Sengoki-san sure was trippin' me out, but I had to admit... I was interested in this whole prophet thing.
"Alright. I'll do it."
"You don't have a choice, young'un," Sengoki-san chuckled once more and the moment I looked back at him, he was gone.
"I am going crazy..."

Despite the probability of me going crazy, I skipped the Iwatodai station stop and got off at the Shibua station. I looked into my wallet to find out that I, ironically, had just enough yen to get me to subway. I still had my pass from when I rode the subway yesterday, and I had gotten a 24 hour pass and the 24 hours weren't up yet. Coincidental how that works.
I stepped off into the Shibua plaza and quickly called for a cab. I gave him directions and before I knew it, I was handing him the last of my yen. Now... you're probably thinkg: "Why did you fall that senile, old man's words? What if it's a bust? What if you can't get back?"
Trust me, I had thought about ALL that. Worse came to worst, I'd have to call my parents and have them pick me up. Worse never came to worst though. Sengoki-san was never more honest, I soon found out.
I used my 24 hour subway pass to hitch a ride on the Shibua Underground Station all the way to Shiranui. Once there, I immediately began walking towards the Hachiko replica in Shiranui-Soike plaza.
When I walked up to the plaza, when I saw the prophet, when I intereacted with that prophet. That's when shit when downhill. That's when chaos was unleashed.
The next part you're about to read. It's absolutely mind blowing. I can't even tell you.

"Atsume Ryoka. It's good to see you." The elderly woman dressed in Gypsy clothing, the one I had been staring at, was the one to address me.
"Y-yes?" I can't tell you how baffled I am.

I'll skip the formalities. She basically told me that I was to meet this Yatsuro Mikumi guy up in Sapporo. You know what I did?

To be continued...