The blaring sound of an alarm clock woke me up that unforgettable morning. My eyes slowly opened taking in the bright light streaming through the glass wall. The clock read 5:30. Rolling out of the bed I ha walked to the bathroom stripping my clothes as I went, summer was not my season, the sun always making me want to stay inside. I turned the shower on cold and let the droplets fall like rain on my tired body. After cleansing myself I felt an absence, an absence of myself. Stepping out of the fogged glass that contained me I studied my reflection in the nearby mirror. Long chocolate hair filled the length of my back causing my suffering and fair skin made up my complication. Being the odd one in my family, everyone else had blonde hair brown eyes and sun kissed skin. My sister had short hair, being the favored child she was allowed to cut it. "She is short, short hair suits her." My mother always said. I never talked much to my sibling, I felt I was too different for us to get along. Me being different is what led me to that party, which leaves me where I am now, dressed and standing in front of one of those wackjob churches where only certain people may enter. I walked those five steps not even knowing that five steps can make a difference.

I was pushed forward first, to be deemed worthy of this "special" church. The old wrinkly woman standing before me had wide eyes at the sight of me and trembled, mumbling as it seemed to be prayers.

"How could you walk on this land child and expect me to deem you worthy, you are not a child of God but of Satan himself."she said The old woman scolded me for something I did not know of.

"Your family is not your own and you do not deserve their love. You will live on as they die and will forever be alone. You are a disgrace to all humans, for you are nothing but. You are a monster child. You deserve not even the name you hold. I demand your departure." the woman said. I looked the old woman and the eyes and didn't doubt her words one bit. From that day on my life was lived as exactly how it was put, as a monster.