"Vince!" Lindsey called "Wait for me" she ran after him, they both knew they weren't suppose to be out after dark, but they hadn't seen each other since the school holidays had started 2 months ago, tomorrow it was school and Vince had been away Italy all holidays.

Vince laughed "Hurry up you slow poke" he slowed down a little for her so she could catch up

Lindsey caught up to him and they ran through the forest giggling, you could hear the echo's from the street.

Vince finally stopped in front of the lake, he sat down his long legs hanging over the edge of the rock where he sat, the moonlight caught his blonde hair just right so the light sprung off it and made his hair shine. Vince patted the spot next to him anf Lindsey sat down, her black hair falling in her face so she couldn't see, her heart skipped a beat as she nearly fell, Vince hand wrapped around her arm and pulled her up and close to him so she wouldn't fall. Lindsey clung to him making him laugh and Lindsey blush, and looked up to him, his blue eyes sparkling with innocence.

Lindsey broke the silence "I'm gonna miss you" she said quietly her full bottom lip coming into a pout.

Vince nodded and smiled "Me too…" he admitted "I'm kind of scared, new school, high school" he said

Lindsey shrugged "It cannot be any worse than middle school" she stated

Vince shrugged "Maybe..." he looked at her "Y-you know…" he whispered blushing "It's not cool for me to go to high school without having my first kiss"

Lindsey went bright red, thanking the moon for not being full tonight as she stayed quiet

"D-do…" Vince coughed, his cheeks blazing red "Do you think I could kiss you?" he asked her

Lindsey looked up at him, her own cheeks matching his "O-okay" she whispered, not knowing what to do next

Vince blushed, his lips lowering to hers as his blush started to fade, his lips finally touched hers making Lindsey freeze in her spot and go bright red all over again, he lips nevertheless responded to his for the few seconds the kiss lasted. When Vince pulled back Lindsey looked down in embarrassment and Vince coughed his blushed returned as he watched her, for the first time in years an awkward silence seeped into their skin.

And that was the last time Lindsey and Vince were alone

Prologue Finished, chapter one her i come