Okay, I'm just gonna let everyone know this now, this is a Christmas gift for Muffy the Dough Slayer. She wanted me to do a short, on the side story of Taylor and Lo, and since she's writing a story for me, I'm returning the favor. And I'm sorry if any of the characters sound a little OOC in this story, but just remember that these are Muffy the Dough Slayer's characters that she came up with, not me, so I don't fully know them that well. But I'm going to do my best and hopefully do her Taylor and Lo books justice. I thrive on comments, and if there's anything I need to change about the story, please don't hesitate to tell me. Well, here goes nothing!

Warnings: Cursing, sexual content (not too bad) and a crap load of angst, just the way my buddy likes it, lol

Characters belong to Muffy the Dough Slayer

Taylor was the first one to wake up that Saturday morning, awoken by the screaming winds of the snow storm outside of their apartment, around eight in the morning, no doubt. He sighed and tried to turn over, but felt something drag along with him that was draped over the torso of his body. He looked over to find his lover for two years, Lo, sleeping soundly with his arm hugging Taylor's body like a teddy bear.

Taylor smiled at the sight. As much as Lo would be irritated and grumpy at the thought, he did look pretty damn adorable. With his messy hair falling into his eyes, and that usual, permanent scowl that has been molded onto face for so many years that he even does it in his sleep. Taylor knew that Lo only put his arm around him when they slept if he knew for sure that Taylor was dead asleep and wouldn't be any of the wiser, but still, it felt nice.

A lot of changed in the past two years. Of course, there were the usual hunting assignments that Corbin would throw their way, and they always ended up being successful, aside from the frequent wounds and bruises, and hospital visits. Blaise finally got with someone, Queron, of all people. Taylor was happy for them, and eventually, Lo learned to grudgingly accept it, even though the guy was responsible for him and Taylor getting hurt. Taylor was just grateful Lo could now sit calmly and be silent, instead of throwing him the usual heated glares that he used to do. Taylor was just happy that Blaise had someone to truly love her, and Queron finally found happiness after those bitter, horrid memories of being one of Red's lab rats.

He would say that his and Lo's relationship got stronger. Lo was now more scared to lose him, hell, when he thought Taylor got killed by that one barn collapsing on top of him, he kept wanting him to stay with him in bed. Taylor remembered how many times he had to tell Lo that it wasn't a dream and that he was alive. He never really saw Lo look so freaked out, after knowing him for so long.

But of course, as time went by, Lo started to act more like his normal self. Grumpy, sarcastic, smart ass self. As much as Taylor loved that about him and never wanted him to change, and was happy that Lo was finally turning back into who he recognized him as, he couldn't help but to long for the Lo who needed him to stay with him. He never felt more needed by him. It was like Lo's life and sanity depended on Taylor's presence in it.

He knew that Lo wasn't the romantic type. Oh hell no, it would be easier for Blaise to be the silent, calm type, and for him to stop loving steak. It just wasn't possible. Still, he knew Lo loved him, and he said it more times than he had in the past, but Taylor wished sometimes that he showed it more with his acts and behavior then his words, to really mean it. The only times he really seemed to show it is when Taylor was seriously hurt and he was close to death, or if he was in danger. Of course, Lo acted that way because he feared that he would lose Taylor, but did that mean in order for Lo to really show love and need for him that Taylor had to either be close to death or in danger? Taylor just wished that would change.

Taylor shook his head at the thought. Why was he thinking this? He couldn't be ungrateful for all Lo has done. He's still great in bed, the way Taylor always liked it in between the sheets, and on rare occasions, he would fix up steak for their dinner, and other small things from time to time that he would do for him. Taylor had to remember that at least it was a hell of a lot better then what it was between them on the road trip years back, when they were nothing more than just a sex item and Lo didn't care about their relationship or if it ended, but at least he knew now that deep down, Lo was lying about that.

A tired grunt from the other side of the bed broke Taylor from his thoughts. He looked over and found Lo shifting a little bit. Taylor sighed again and looked at the clock, which now read almost nine. He didn't know what their plans were today, but Corbin usually called them in early in the mornings in case there was a rogue they had to take care of. So it was about time he and Lo started getting up.

He turned over, smirking a bit, before he gently kissed Lo's lips and ran his fingers through his flaxen locks. He jumped a bit when a rough hand grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him under Lo's body as the lips meshed with his got rougher and more intimate. Lo pulled back, his eyes in between lusty and grumpy as they tore at Taylor.

"Time to get up." Taylor gave a small smile. Lo gave an irritated and tired sigh.

"Ten more minutes." He growled as he forced his lips back on Taylor's and settled himself right between his legs. Taylor let out a moan and a whimper mix. A strong flavor that was fluttery and richly sweet swept across his taste buds. He moaned at the delicious taste before Lo went to town on his body for the rest of the time they were in bed.

A small knock was heard on the door while Taylor was frying bacon for their breakfast. He walked over and opened it up to reveal Blaise's excited, smiling face on the other side.

"Taylor!" she squealed as she latched her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a hug. Taylor smiled and chuckled a little as he wrapped his arms around her waist and returned it, her bubbly and sugar sweet attitude gracefully flowing across his tongue.

"Hey, Blaise. What are you doing here so early?" he asked, though he knew that the redhead frequently visit them since they were close friends, despite Lo's dismay. At least he could still tolerate her. Lo looked at her from his morning paper and narrowed his eyes a little, his signature look for her.

"Carrot top." He said lowly, trying to hide his growl as much as he could, since he knew Taylor would scold at him for it. Blaise grinned cheekily.

"Dog breath." She teased back, "Anyway, I was on my way to Que's and thought I could stop by for a short second to see how you guys are doing." She grinned at Taylor. Taylor smiled and shrugged.

"Same as we do every day unless we have an assignment, you know that." He said as he ran towards the kitchen to prevent the bacon from burning in the skillet, Blaise followed after him to talk.

"Sooo," she began as she sat in one of the chairs at the table, giving Taylor a sly, smiling look, "You do know what day is coming up, right?" she wiggled her eyebrows. Taylor gave her a confused look before he looked at the calendar, and realized that Valentine's Day was coming up in less than a week. He snorted.

"The one time a year when men have to hand over their balls to their wives and girlfriends and act like their slaves, forcing them to buy flowers and chocolates and make expensive dinner reservations? And the time of year when everything is decked out in disgusting pinks and little hearts?" he joked. Blaise laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on, it's romantic and sweet, and you know it!" she giggled.

"Remember, I am a man." Taylor shot back with a grin.

"Anyway, I was wondering if you and Lo are going to do anything special. You two have been together for two years now." She pointed out. Taylor laughed.

"Blaise, we don't do anything that time of year. And this is Lo you are talking about." He said. Blaise pouted.

"You guys are no fun! What do you do on that day then, just bang the hell out of each other?" she asked exasperatedly. Taylor's face turned a little pink, not only from what Blaise had said about him and Lo having sex, but because it was true.

"Okay, that's it, you guys need my help, yet again!" she said throwing her hands out. Taylor grinned.

"I wouldn't recommend it. Lo hates Valentine's Day, and getting him to do something romantic, you do value your life, don't you?" he asked jokingly, cracking a few eggs for their breakfast.

"Oh, you're acting like I never dealt with his grumpy ass before. And besides, it's fun to tease him!" she giggled. Taylor laughed and shook his head.

"Anyway, are you and Queron planning on doing anything that day?" he asked.

"Oh yes! He's taking me to Olive Garden and a movie!" she said happily.

"Nice, glad you two are doing so great." Taylor smiled as he scrambled up the eggs for his and Lo's breakfast.

Lo growled as he looked back to see his boyfriend talking to that mischievous, red haired she-devil. He knew that Taylor liked Blaise and thought she was a great friend and all, and she was to some extent when she wasn't being so ungodly annoying, but she's beginning to come over WAY too often, and without calling first.

At least she wasn't a threat, and Lo can tolerate her most of the time, even when his patience was on its last straw. And, even though he hated to admit it and will NEVER tell her or anyone else this, she was kinda…just barely starting to grow a little on him. He got annoyed with her very easily, but she was useful and kind to Taylor, and it was a little hard to picture her not being around anymore after her being in their lives for two years now. And Lo hated to see her badly hurt, and would feel guilty if anything truly bad did happen to her. But that's the most affection he would ever feel for her. They aren't ever going to be buddies, or even kind acquaintances, but he did care for her….just a little.

He tried to ignore her high pitched jabber to Taylor as he darted his eyes back to his morning paper. He growled and glared at all the stupid ads for Valentine's Day chocolates and roses.

Valentine's Day, what a stupid holiday. Seriously, whoever thought of that holiday deserves to have his ass kicked and burn in Hell. He didn't care if he was heartless for thinking that. A time of year when men who are whipped by their girls to go get them something mushy and frilly. It made Lo want to gag with how disgusting it was. How the hell could a man enjoy that holiday anyway? Well….besides maybe getting laid. But some people aren't even in love, and some can't even find love. What a harsh and cruel reminder of that. Not that he really cared.

He never had a relationship during Valentine's Day besides Taylor, and they didn't even do anything out of what they usually do. They only have sex, but that's a daily thing that they enjoy. Taylor didn't even care about it either. So in other words, he never cared about celebrating Valentine's Day, and like hell he wasn't going to start it now or ever!

He sighed as he thought of the emotion taster. If someone told him that he was going to actually have feelings and affection for someone, and that someone being the last person he expected in his friend, he would've called them crazy and knocked their teeth out. Yet, here he was, with Taylor for about two years now. And he was the first person in Lo's life who managed to crack him open and to actually have emotions for once.

Fuck, how the hell did this happen? His life plan was to hunt rogues down, drink a few beers, and not give a damn about anyone and not feel anything. He didn't want to bother having anyone get so close to him, or to have any kind of bond with him. After what happened with his family and everyone dying off, feeling that pain from a long time ago, he decided he'd rather not feel anything anymore, and not get involved with anyone seeing how it doesn't ever end well. And god dammit, Taylor had to be the one to bend his rules. That damned emotion taster made him actually care for once. To feel and to want something. First starting off as a friend and partner, then making him care for his safety when Sean and Shelia were trying to kill him, and then making him feel regret and guilt when he said he didn't care if Taylor ended the little thing they had going on during the road trip. Damn it, he shouldn't have cared. He was finally starting to get back to his normalcy, and he didn't have to feel any emotions anymore, like he wanted, like he planned. But the thought of Taylor not being in his life anymore hurt way more than going against his rules. He came to the conclusion that he wanted Taylor and him to be a couple. Even more, a couple that is now saying "I love you" to each other.

Despite that he wasn't good with emotions, he did feel happy with Taylor. But he wondered sometimes, if Taylor ever regretted being with him. He will admit, he is an asshole, but he's tuned that down around Taylor more often. Even so, he didn't like to express his affection that much, and he still liked to play lone wolf every once in a while. Taylor, on the other hand, would smile warmly at him with all that love in his eyes, hug and kiss him lovingly, while Lo's kisses were more rough and seductive and he never liked hugs, and Taylor would say I love you more often and show his love for him more expressively. Lo had been on his own and drained his body of any affectionate feelings for so many years that he grew used to his rough and non-expressive style, and he doubt he would ever change. It would be too hard to. It molded him into who he is, and it was too late to go back.

He sometimes worried if that would ever drive Taylor away one day. Sure, when they were on the road trip they patched things up, but what if something like that happened again? He somehow knew Taylor wouldn't leave him, but he would have to live the rest of his life unhappy.

He deserves better than you

Lo growled and shook that thought from his head, deciding to stop thinking about it and read the rest of the paper. Suddenly, a small news story caught his eye. He read closely,

"Last night, an unexpected and bizarre sheet of thick ice seemed to appear on highway 63 near Brooksville around 8:36 p.m. It caused a colossal wreck, leaving three dead and twenty injured. Drivers on the scene said that it "came out of nowhere. One second and it was there" Then it showed a picture of the freak accident. About ten cars and a giant semi were scattered along the road. The semi had two large puncture holes into it while around six cars were completely totaled, dangerous smoke and fire coming from their bent hoods.

It didn't seem something completely out of the ordinary to Lo, seeing how it was winter and snowing pretty hard, but judging by how thick that sheet of ice looked, and in a certain area besides it being all over the highway looked very odd and suspicious. There was no way that this year's winter could've done that.


As if it were right on cue, the phone rang. Lo growled and answered it.

"What?" he snapped in his usual greeting.

"Good morning to you too, Logan. Have you read this morning's paper yet?" Corbin's cool voice rang into Lo's ear.

"Yeah, the freak accident on 63, right?" he asked.

"Yes, this wasn't the weather. It was a rogue with the ability to control ice. There's been more than this report about random ice and frost all over." He said.

"Do you know who this guy is?" Lo asked.

"Not yet, but you two need to come by the library, asap." He said before the line dropped. Lo growled to himself about having to go in the god forbid fucking cold, but got up and walked into the kitchen. Blaise and Taylor were still talking before Lo interrupted.

"There's another rogue on the loose. Corbin said we need to get to the library now." He said. Taylor pouted.

"But what about breakfast?" he asked.

"We'll heat it up when we get back home." Lo shrugged before putting on his heavy coat. Taylor sighed and grumbled to himself, damning Corbin for making him waste the awesome breakfast he made.

"Awesome! I'm coming with!" Blaise smiled, getting pumped up for another exciting assignment. Lo glared at her.

"Oh no, it's time for you to go home. Taylor and I are settling this alone." He growled. Blaise only smirked.

"It's my job too, puppy." She sneered. Lo was about ready to cuss her out before Taylor stopped him.

"She's right Lo, just let her come with. We might need her." He said, throwing Lo a certain look. Lo grumbled to himself, pinching the brim of his nose, and sighed.

"Fine." He mumbled darkly. Blaise smiled pleasantly as she walked passed Lo towards her car, not before whispering teasingly in his ear.

"You got spanked, dude." She laughed before she bolted out the door before Lo could get her. Taylor put on his shoes and coat before the two of them headed out to Lo's car.

Alrighty, first chappie is done! Lol, hope you all enjoyed it, and as I said, if they sound out of character, I'm really sorry. I'll work on it if that's an issue. But anyway, you know what to do!