The tall woman smirked, unpinning the blood red rose from her hair. It lightly glowed between her fingertips, the stem growing into the hilt of a sword, and a strange black metal blade appeared from the hilt, a vine of thorns growing around it. The woman's ebony hair that had once been held back into a bob cascaded down her back, and into her eyes. She brushed it back, sheathing the sword onto her back, and rubbed her hands together, in an attempt to warm herself up. She sprinted towards the two-story building in front of her, grabbing at the nearest handhold, and pulling herself onto the building. She slowly, silently scaled the side, eventually reaching the roof. She pulled herself onto it, looking up into the night sky. The air was freezing up here. She pulled her high collar up over her ears, buttoning it closed. She drew her sword, and slammed it into the second story window.

Sophie awoke by the sharp sound of glass shattering. She screamed, throwing the covers off her. "Who's there?" She questioned, her voice shaking. "Silence there, and nothing more." a voice replied. The voice wasn't soft, nor sharp, but it had a strange accent to it she couldn't idendify. It was obviously female, that one detail should could tell. She had been so distracted by the glass, she didn't notice the dark figure that had walked up to the landing of her stairs. She turned around, just as the figure darted behind her, seizing her and pressing a the cool metal of a blade to her neck. She heard the voice hiss something in her ear in an arcane language, and felt the blade press harder to her neck. Small drops of rubies were forming at the blade. "What do you want from me?" Shrieked the small brunette. "Your soul, fool." The voice whispered. Suddenly, there was a crash from downstairs. "Hands up!" A policeman shouted. "I'll return soon. Do not turn back to look at me, or I will kill you where you stand." The voice said. Sophie felt the blade leave her neck. Something blunt hit her on the head, and the floor rose up to meet her very quickly.