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I walked up to the all high and mighty King Bryce. "Father," I called out.

"So, how was the princess?"

"She's… interesting… but she's nothing compared to Snowflake."

Father sighed and I knew what was coming. "Son, Snowflake is the past, ok? And what's past is past. She won't come back. Just accept the truth," Father whispered.

"I know she's out there somewhere, waiting for me to save her. She's alive, I can just feel it. If we look for her more carefully, we just might find her," I urged. "She's gotta be out there somewhere."

Father shook his head. "It's been twelve years. Twelve. She would've found a way here if she really is alive. Lucas, she's gone."

I blinked back tears. "No she's not. We've never found her dead body yet, so she's not dead."

"She's been missing for twelve years, Lucas. She is dead out there, and her body is probably burned by humans."

"No, it's not true. She's alive, I know it."

Father whispered quietly, "Lucas-"


I whirled around for the source of the sound adI scowled.

The pesky slave was there, eyes huge from shock as he shouted, "HAS ANYONE SEEN CRYSTAL?!"

Queen Safaria stood up and pursed her lips. "What?! I thought you were with her."

His eyes grew even wider from terror. "Y-You see, I-I w-was getting t-the princess s-some f-food and when I c-came back she wasn't t-there," he stammered.

"WHAT?!" Queen Safaria screeched. "I TOLD YOU TO LOOK AFTER HER!"

The slave was shaking like crazy, and most definitely not from the sudden drop of temperature. I smirked. This was going to get interesting.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned my head, and found myself looking into Father's urgent eyes. "Son, I know you're happy about not having to marry the princess, but Queen Safaria is going to KILL me after this. Please, Lucas, offer to find her," Father pleaded.

I nodded. I would never disobey his orders, especially one that would make him BEG for it.

I cleared my throat. "AHEM!" All eyes were on me. "As the fiance of the princess, I shall initiate a search party."

Queen Safaria stared at me with her cold yet interested eyes. "Who would be part of this… search party?"

"Me and that servant over there." I pointed at the disgusting slave.

Queen Safaria scowled. "Why him?"

"From how panic-stricken he was, I assumed that he and the princess must have a pretty good relationship. He will know where the princess is most likely hiding, am I incorrect?"

Queen Safaria nodded. "I see. Who else will be part of this search party?"

"That's it. We can't have too many faeries come along, since we'll need a lot of supplies, and that'll take forever to get ready."

I heard murmurs and Queen Safaria spoke. "Well, then, it is agreed. I will give you a week to prepare your things for the journey. Then you shall search for the princess. Am I clear?"

I bowed. "Of course."

Queen Safaria nodded. "Good. We shall meet in a week. You may return to your kingdom to retrieve your belongings."

I nodded. "Of course." I glanced at the slave, who seemed amusingly frightened. "I will need to borrow the servant, of course."

Queen Safaria waved her hand. "You can do whatever you want to do with him: he is dead to me until he finds the princess."

I bowed and grinned devilishly at my new "companion." Oh, this was going to be fun. Very fun. I loved torturing faeries who don't deserve their place in their world.

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