Love Let Go

Sometimes people walk in,

And they walk out,

Of our lives.

I like to think you stayed.

When I first saw you

I thought I'd found the one,

The only man I'd ever want

To have hold me.

Even though we're different,

I'm good at adapting.

Don't walk away from me;

Don't leave me again.

Sometimes when I hear that song,

"Greatest", okay,

I think of you

And my heart soars.

There's other songs,

"A Thousand Years", all right,

That stick your picture

In my mind.

My only regret is that

These songs have such hollow meaning.

In reality they are nothing;

Nothing to mark our chance.

I saw you a single time,

And I knew you were the one.

But I left you behind,

And you took my heart away.

I think about you often,

Trying so hard to imagine us together.

Myself entwined in your arms;

Such a beautiful sight.

I want you to be mine.

I realize now that you cannot,

For you are still attached

To that other girl.

If only I'd worked harder,

Maybe I could be spared

All the heartbreak and the sorrow,

And you'd be here to catch my tears.

I didn't realize what I missed

Until four days were dead and gone.

I didn't cherish you enough,

And now you've gone forever…


Dedicated to and inspired by T.A., with whom I have felt enamored since our meeting.


Now, I feel like I have to do a bit of a back-story. For one, this is a sort of prequel to my other poem, I Don't Know How. The only difference is that this poem is actually 100% true. A year ago I met a young man that I felt an instant connection with. He was the living, breathing copy of a character I'd created years ago for a failed story. However, Felix—the character—never really left my mind. He became the ideal man I would search for until I found him. And I did find him in T.A. We met during Honors Band in March. For four straight days I sat next to him, wanting to get to know him and wanting to…love him. But I made a horrible decision: I let him go.

I have another chance again in three months. I can only hope I make it count this time before he leaves my life forever.

Songs referenced: "Greatest" by Lady GaGa and "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri.