Lily Rose was in a graveyard. She sighed as she passed tombstone after tombstone, not even glancing to see what name the dead person used to have. She didn't really care, they weren't going to hurt in the way the grave she was going too was going to cause pain. The grave was in the newer part of the graveyard. It still had the gleam and no mold and it hadn't weathered yet. It had been almost two years since he had died on that day, on Christmas Day. Today was Christmas Eve. She didn't really want to really think about him, but the longer she stood in the graveyard, the more memories of him started to come back to her.

His name always came first, she usually referred to him as Matthew's father, Jonas's father, the man she once loved, her dead husband but in the graveyard, none of those names felt right. He was the perfect guy for her, the guy who always opposed her in thoughts and actions. His name was magical in her mind, ironic even. His name was Anthony Thorn. She got lost in her first memory of him; the moment she realized was in love with him. He had saved her life; he was so noble but yet so stupid. She couldn't help it, she got lost in her memory of him, and her past and what never would be again.


Lily was sitting alone in the library on Christmas Eve. Of course, the library had been abandoned years ago and the corpse of the librarian was slowly decomposing. She had taken the creaky back door into the library and sat all alone.

She said, "I hope that I can get home before my mom notices I am gone. She might be mad at me if I don't. I guess I should go and investigate what books are left here." She felt the spines of the book and picked the first one she saw off the shelf. The door creaked as someone else walked into the library.

Lily thought "I wonder who that can be? I thought I was the only one who knew about this library?"

The voice called out and asked, "Is anyone here? I noticed that the door was open and I am new on Terra. I just moved here from Floura." Lily heard footsteps which started to walk down the book cases, brushing a pair of hands against some of the books. Lily didn't' like strangers, she started to creep by the door when the owner of the voice turned around. Lily stared into his chocolate eyes, they were so beautiful. His hair was brown and waved. He was shorter than Lily, by about an inch. He asked, "What is your name?"

Lily stared into his eyes, trying to register what he just said. Her mind finally processed it and she replied, "My name is Lily Rose. What is your name?"

He replied, "My name is Anthony Thorn, I just moved here from another planet, dad just got a new position here under the king."

Lily said, "I didn't know King Adam was hiring. He seemed to be a reclusive guy and his son Lucky is off being a hero, his brother Legendary is off making a new experiment for Terra and his other brother is MIA."

Anthony asked, "Can you keep a secret, Lily?"

Lily replied, "Sure, I can keep a secret. What is the secret?

Anthony replied, "My father is an assassin and he is training as the second apprentice under Thomas and Ann Knight. The first was Steve Knight, his nephew. I hope he lives long; assassins tend to have short lives." Lily was about to leave when a figure blocked the doorway. He smelled of death and destruction.

The figure said, "No one is leaving this library, alive. I have come to get what I need, a piece to immortality. If anyone tries to stop me, then they will be in a world of pain."

Lily said, "I have no clue what you want but I am not letting you get this away with this."

The figure said, "I am getting away with this and if you move another step, you won't leave to see Christmas."

Lily moved a step forward and asked, "What are you going to do about this? You don't even have a gun to shoot me with. I saw that as soon you entered."

The figure replied, "I don't need a gun, I am the gun and you just made a big mistake."

Anthony rolled his eyes and said, "You can't be a gun, you are human."

The figure replied, "My "gift" is to make any weapon from my body." His arms started to get ready to shot when Anthony kicked in the groin.

Anthony grabbed the immorality fragment and said, "Come on, Lily let's go. He won't be down for long."


Lily let a tear fall from her eye before it could fall on the graves of these strangers. She sighed as she continued to walk until she lost herself in their first dance, the second time he saved her life.


Lily was dressed in a purple dress as she waited for Anthony by the corner. They had been dating since they had gotten out of college but neither of them had thought of going dancing until the People's Dance was brought up. It only happened once every two decades.

Anthony walked in a purple tux with a blue shirt and black dress pants. She said, "You look kind handsome tonight, Anthony."

Anthony smirked and said, "You look beautiful tonight, Lily. I guess we should get going to the dance, we are already late and it might be over of we don't hurry up and arrive there."

Lily smiled and said, "I have to agree with you on this one, we don't want to be late." The duo arrived at the castle and they smiled as the music slowed down or the first slow dance of the night. A bullet seemed to travel and hit the wall.

The figure appeared, "I may have failed the first time but I will succeed, those kids aren't here to stop me."

Anthony sighed and said, "I don't think our mystery man learned the danger of messing people before, I do believe that we have to remind of this."

Lily smiled and said, "I have to agree with you Anthony. I do believe that we let this villain have it."

The figure turned around and said, "You two, the one who ruined my plans last time, you won't live for us to meet again, I promise that."

Anthony said, "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to make promises that you can't keep? I know my mom did."

The figure attempted to shoot Lily but she wasn't in his sight. He wondered where the girl had gone.

Lily tapped his shoulder with the fragment in her hand and said, "Is this what you are looking for? I presume that you want it to be stronger."

The figure growled, "Give me the piece or pay the price, you wouldn't want to have any blood on those pretty little hands of yours."

Lily asked, "Is that a threat? I don't feel threatened by you at all. You are a cute and adorable pest and nothing more than that."

The figure said, "I need it back. I need my darkness back. I am weak without it; too many people are embracing their darkness and not hiding it."

Anthony looked at the figure and said, "So you want the power, Dark Matter?"

The figure smiled and said, "You are one smart man." Anthony grabbed a sword and kept striking him until he fell out of a window into the moot below the castle."


Lily walked as she felt the weight of the two memories in her pocket. She cried and continued to walk past more molding graves. She looked up and saw it, the third piece of the immortality of the fragments. When all three of the pieces touched, it would create for the person two choices, the first choice was to give them the immortality. The second option was to give away the immortality to a dead person to bring them back to the realm of the living, to live a full life that had been cut prematurely short by anyone.


It was a day that they didn't plan to go anywhere. Lily and Anthony planned to have a day alone in their house and it would be perfect.

Lily smiled and said, "We never have one of these days before, a day where we just relax and be calm. We don't find trouble or accidently stop a villain. It is so beautiful, I wished that moments liked these could last a lifetime."

Anthony replied, "I agree with you, Lily. I can't believe that we already have a handsome son and have been married for five years. There is nothing in the world which can make this moment better."

Lily smiled and said, "I have some news for you. I am pregnant again. It is going to be another boy, I want to tell you on our day, Christmas Eve but we have to see the family, so I am telling you now."

Anthony smiled and said, "I am so proud of you. We are going to have another child and you will be a great mother to him like you are to Matthew. I don't believe that there is anyone in the world like you. You are brave and selfless. A shadow appeared by the door.

Dark Matter smiled and said, "She is also stupid. She went against a man who could have killed her but her white knight saved her. I really hate the idea of a happy ending. There are no real happy endings in life."

Lily said, "What are you planning to do?"

Dark Matter smirked and said, "Funny you should ask that. I found the problem in this equation and I am going to kill it." He aimed for Lily and the shot would have killed her and the child if Anthony hadn't jumped in the way. Dark Matter smirked and vanished.

Anthony smiled and said, "I love you, Lily. I had to save you for yourself and the child. You can live without me, I know you can. I always will love you now and forever." Lily let a tear flow down her eye.


She hadn't heard the footsteps until the figure was behind her. Dark Matter said,
"It seems that we are always going to meet like this, the last piece is in my sight and you have the other two. This is perfect, exactly how I wanted to be.

Lily asked, "How did you know I would be here? "

Dark Matter replied, "I knew you would bury your husband close to the final piece, I also knew that you had to find where the other two pieces where since you had him hid them for you. I presume that would take two years."

Lily asked, "How come you didn't steal the piece when I wasn't here? It was always yours for the taking. You could have made my life miserable."

Dark Matter replied, "You can only access the third piece when the other two are with you. It would be no use to me I you weren't here with the pieces. They are going to react soon."

Lily asked, "Why do you need these pieces? You are a demon. What use is immortality to a demon?"

Dark Matter replied, "I am not whole yet, I am lacking my immortality since it was killed by the brats, Seven Falcon and Joanna Rose. It is quite it is their daughter who seems to be my greatest problem. Some might say that it is truly ironic in a way."

Lily replied, "I guess the universe has a wicked sense of humor." The pieces glowed and they reacted to form one piece.

Dark Matter said, "I do believe that the pieces method is to go to the one who has the most selfish ambitions." The piece fell into Lily's hand with a light thud.

Lily replied, "I believe you got that wrong, it goes to the person with the purest of intentions, the one who longs for love and still has hope when they should be hopeless. You have too much darkness for the piece to even consider you as an option." Dark Matter attempted to grab the piece but it blasted him with light instead.

Dark Matter replied, "It seems that this piece knows when a person is pure of heart, the truth of this piece is also the truth of Christmas. You can't revive your husband though. He has to be in a form which he can touch the object in and he is buried six feet under."

Lily said, "I think you don't have enough faith in our love. It is much more powerful than you know; some might say it is the equivalent of my parents which is a very powerful type of love."

Dark Matter said, "You might as well be waiting for luck. Once a man is dead, they can't reenter the plane of living." A shimmer started to appear in front of the grave, it slowly started to form a figure coming down from the light.

A voice broke through and said, "I wouldn't bet on that, Matter. It is after all the season of magic."

Dark Matter looked and replied, "You shouldn't be able to come down to this plane, this is breaking a ton of rules that angels are given."

Anthony replied, "The rules are slightly more flexible around the holidays."

Dark Matter replied, "I really have to open my big mouth, it seemed like it is my cue to exit but this is not the last you will see of me. I promise that I will win a battle agonist well some day and you will be dead for good." He vanished into the shadows with a slight scowl on his face.

Anthony smiled and said, "I told you that you could live without me. You stopped all by yourself and you didn't need my help. I don't think you ever needed my help, you are a strong woman."

Lily smiled and said, "What good is immortality? I think it is dangerous but bring back the dead isn't so bad. Catch, Anthony."

Anthony caught the piece and it reacted to his angel half and he slowly came back to life. Anthony said, "You just have fun breaking the rules, don't you?"

Lily smirked and said, "I do enjoy that, rules are made to be broken."

Anthony asked, "How are we going to do tell the boys that daddy is alive again?"

Lily replied, "I think we can worry and figure that out later." She pulled him in for a kiss under the graveyard's mistletoe. It felt magical to kiss a man back from the dead.