Hi! this is just something i was scribbling in my notebook in biology. God, i hate that class with a passion. Anyway, enjoy or don't works either way for me. : P. If you do like it review hehe.

Darkness comes so easily for me. These hands that grip the innocence away every time i use them hold the symphony i wrote for her. They're painful reminders of my true self, stained with blood and full of shame.

On the outside you see it , the pain in my eyes, but you could never feel it like i do everyday i still breathe while she lay 6 feet under where fates meet. These fresh marks on the canvas of my body contrast with my beliefs, with my life. I run my fingers across them counting each...

Liquid crimson flows across my sins into the ocean i cried so long ago. The void of tears mixes with lost dreams and my will.I can't put a band-aid on my heart to stop it from beating so there is no hope in the world for easy living.

Love brings no hold to this restless soul, I have felt the grip of the sirens on my chest before and I cried when I saw that their faces were of the old me and her.I fell to my knees in a heart wrenching scream for death to just take me!

Just rip the chains binding me to existence!I don't want to be the only one who gets the meaning. Gods must have made me for a reason, if not then i'll gladly stop breathing. These dark thoughts have been the words i been saying with my knife for my whole life.