These hands have carefully constructed every detail
Culminating in our own imprisonment
A life's work has become another obstacle we are trying to overcome
Spending nights chest open upturned palms
We are longing for the heavens to speak through us
We want to be big enough to touch a myth

It is hard work to see past a walls that we have been putting up for years
We knows we are not a prisoners
Still find ourselves counting the days until we are to be set free
And Upon that morning of our release
We shall swallowed the map and compass
There is no destination that can lead us to where we are going
Asking for feather, asking for wax, asking for wing span
And we shall reach for our piece of the horizon

Listened to the wind whisper, ocean's belly gurgle
And feel the mornings birth pressing itself against your skin
With outstretched hands we will reach past the horizon
It is too much from within our grasp
To settle for what is already ours
Remember to not write the ending that will never come

Forget what makes our hears tremble
For now pretend it's this moment
As if it has always been this moment
When the sun kisses our hands
Do not shutter away from its warmth
Instead, leave your palms exposed shaking they might be

And when you fall from grace
Remember this feeling as it lifts from your shoulders
Become a river bed below
Let your sentiments drift like sediment
It was never yours to keep
Carry your story through this so it may become legend

Do not forget the fall
The distance traced in your palms, in your life lines
Just know that you have reached further then before
Just know that all this has finally come to the end
Just know that you have finally made it
You are exactly where you are suppose to be