They called themselves the Interfector yet as time went on we would only know them as Outworlders. Years ago aliens had descended onto Earth with only one message, surrender or be destroyed. Naturally with death looming over their heads the humans came together and fought as one but even then they still found themselves fighting a losing battle. The Outworlders had a weapon that the called the Anti-Insurgent, basically they took one of their own and modified them with weapons, new self sustaining mechanical organs as well as modifications to existing organs, and a mysterious object that they called fusus. They were no longer people, Anti's as we would call them were heartless monsters that had voluntarily given up their lives and become weapons. They decimated our armies and brought us close to the brink but then a miracle happened. We had managed to capture an Anti and, with some luck, were able to reverse engineer the technology; all except the fusus. We had then began modifying our own soldiers and made them into Anti's, the only difference being that our Anti's had not lost their emotions or free will they were still themselves. With our human Anti's we managed to fight back against the Outworlders and came close to defeating them that was until human nature reared its ugly head. Due to the war some nations had left themselves defenseless, some leader saw this and took advantage of it, they sent what little forces they had left to conquer. The Nations of the world then took to fighting themselves as well as the Outworlders, it all led to a nuclear standoff. The Outworlders had enough, they fired their nuclear weapon so in response one nation fired back, in response another nation fired at them, then another and so on. It was a domino effect. The Outworlders were destroyed and their ship had been brought down, but so had countless nations; to make matters worse some of the Outworlders had survived and began colonizing Earth. Some had the idea to escape using parts from the downed Outworld ships but escape was impossible. A large number of nuclear bombs had been fired to bring down the Outworld mother ship, a ship that was flying very close to Earth, so our atmosphere was bathed in electrons and due created an Emp field around Earth. Every ship, every satellite, everything we sent was rendered useless. We were trapped and now we were forced to fight a war that we never once thought we would have to fight. A war for control of Earth.