Facing Fears (written by me in 2006)

As she gazes at the immensely high tower,
And feels the sprinkles of the powerful stream.
She gently tiptoes toward the aquamarine shower,
Smiling at the radiant dream.

While the water releases her of her fears,
Flashbacks possess her mind of her disgraceful life.
So, she dives into the flowing river to cleanse her tears,
Letting the rainbow of peace replace her strife.

The falling water carries her away,
On a raft of misty clouds.
And places her on the pillowed earth to lay,
Waves leaving her in reverent bows.

As she was slowly awakening,
While staring blankly at the scenery.
Her memory was slowly weakening,
Wondering if it was just a reverie.

Now her soul is free of fright,
And clouds open up the Heaven's above.
By covering her face with spiritual light,
Feeling the warmth of love.

With a majestic spell in her eyes,
Instead of tears to pour.
Not only can you see her fly,
But, in all her grace, watch her soar.

(Author's Note: I wrote this when I was facing a troubling moment in my life to face and get over my past.)