A Few Lines To Daddy (written by me in 2002)

Daddy, that was what you were to me.
I remember the times you made me laugh.
You were my best friend, you see.
The love you gave was all and never half.

You would punish me when I was bad.
Yes, it would make me cry.
But you did that because of the love you had.
You'd say that you loved me and my tears would dry.

You were everything a daughter could wish for in a father.
Mom and you raised me the best you could.
I know it seemed impossible at times, so why bother.
But you stuck by me like I knew you would.

I know now that the past wasn't your fault.
And there were times I thought I hated you.
I have grown up and I am now an adult.
So, I have learned to forgive you, too.

There were times I sat alone at nights.
With tears streaming down my face.
I feel like you are not anymore apart of my life.
And that is what makes my life a disgrace.

I hope you'll walk me down the aisle when it is time.
If not, I still want you to attend.
With every breath I will say a few lines.
I pray that we can still be friends.

(Author's Note: This poem was written about my step-father. I will not go into detail, it is too personal.)