What He Does To Me (written by me in 2005)

He makes me hot,
With a burning,
Yet exploding passion.

My heart folds in knots,
As I'm yearning,
For him to take his position.

His hands explore,
Every inch,
Of my naked body.

Makes sweat pour,
My eyes flinch,
Shows me a side that is naughty.

Feeling his fingertips,
Slowly dance down,
My supple breasts.

His lips,
Touch every smile and frown,
As I wait for the moment that is best.

Lets his mouth taunt,
By a tender kiss,
And rough nibbles.

It's his face that haunts,
Such an amazing bliss,
As my sex sizzles.

In between,
My slender,
Soft members.

He leans,
Into my surrendering,

Inch by inch,
He slides,
Into my deliciousness.

Feeling drenched,
As he abides,
Inside of my fiery hotness.

To watch our performance,
With amazement,
Is captivating.

Noticing its continuance,
The excitement,
Becomes intoxicating.

Moans flee,
From my mouth,

In complete ecstasy,
Screams debouch,

As we reach,
The preparation,
Of our rapture.

With no whisper or speech,
We attain our intense detonation,
Of m magnificent pleasure.

Knowing in our mind,
The both of us,
Are ravished from the excitement.

Let our hearts bind,
With the voluptuous,
Stimulated entrancement.

(Author's Note: I wrote this poem for my fiance, who is now my husband and the father of our two lovely children. He's the love of my life. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful man in my life.)