The Prey of A Thirsty Vampire (written by me in 2000)

Walking into the dark of night.
Feeling it steal away your sight.

The wind blowing through your long raven hair.
Should you go further, should you dare?

Your feet move through the forest of its own accord.
The limbs of the trees cutting you like a sword.

Hearing footsteps crunching the limbs behind you.
Quickly you turn around peering with eyes of blue.

Witnessing nothing, but feeling a presence.
Running swiftly to keep your distance.

A tall man is the vision in your eyes.
His aura giving off his dark surprise.

Cold hands touches your face.
His complexion is that of pale paste.

Holding your eyes inside his of bright green
A color unusual and unseen.

He evilly grins revealing sharp fangs.
His hooded head moves toward your veins.

Curling his arms around your shaking form.
He wraps you inside of his cloak so warm.

You fall into his embrace.
Again a smile appears upon his face.

He tenderly moves the hair from your neck.
And gently gives you a soft peck.

His teeth pierces your flesh leaving holes.
As he sucks the life out of your soul.

You have given him more strength to live his sin.
All girls better watch out as he will do it again.

(Author's Note: I wrote this in 2000..about my vampiric boyfriend.. He was sort of psycho, thinking he was a vampire and all. Lol,)