All Alone in my Heart (written by me in 2006)

Listening to my mind.
Knowing that it's the only one to hear me.
Focusing on my thoughts trying not to cry.
Seeing myself through a mirror and I'm standing as firm as a tree.

Now I scan every piece of my beating heart.
Just as I do a tear forms in my eyes.
The choking feeling in my throat starts.
Words fill up my mind with nothing but pain, why?

So much of myself is gone.
Never to return.
I wish my wounds would leave me alone.
But through my veins they seem to burn.

Through my childish fears I'm suppressed.
I'm so weary of this.
All of my life always being depressed.
You'd know by the scars on my arms and wrists.

I am sick of hearkening to this inside center of a pit.
So seize this spiritless piercing dart.
You realize what you are to do with it.
For I am all alone in my heart.

(Author's Note: This poem was written during a very dark time in my life. I felt so alone. No one would believe me. I wanted to die. Thank God I don't feel like this anymore.)