A Memory Never Forgotten (written by me in 1998)

I will always remember,
My grandmother's last goodbye.
She muttered the words so tender.
So compassionate that it made me cry.

"Sweetheart I will always be with you,
Because I love you so much," she said.
"I will always be watching, it's true,
Even when I am dead."

I sat right by her side silently,
As I saw her take her last breath.
My grandma's chest rose and fell slowly.
Her eyes closed from death.

I caressed my grandmother's hand.
Inside of my shaking palms.
Tears cascaded down my cheeks to land,
As I began to sing my grandma's favorite song.

A beautiful vision entered my mind,
When my voice flowed out with love.
I pictured my grandma's smiling face, so kind.
Running through the lilies in Heaven above.

A moment later, I opened my eyes.
My grandma was laying peacefully on her warm bed.
I let out a hurt and sorrowful sigh,
And gently lowered my head.

My grandmother's life had come to an end.
Her body was cold to the touch.
My broken spirit will never mend,
Because this is what I've wanted to say so much.

"Grandma, I miss you terribly.
My life is not the same.
Without you I am lost, you see,
And overcome with pain."

"Before the cancer took you,
I said something that I'll always regret.
I told you that I didn't need you.
Those words made you so upset."

"I was arrogant and I was angry.
Still that was the statement I made.
Everyday I feel so empty.
I guess that is the price I now pay."

If I could only turn back,
The wretched hands of time.
I would've changed my heart of pure black,
Into someone who was sweeter and sublime.

I am now that caring person,
But my conversion was far too late.
I have learned an important lesson,
From that specific year, month, and date.

You never know how much,
You love someone until their gone.
It is to their love you should grasp and clutch.
Show your affection every day as well as every dawn.

"Grandma, I have always loved you.
I still do to this very day.
Before I bid you my adieu,
I have one final message to say."

"Please forgive me for those words I spoke,
That caused you to suffer each night.
It was your precious heart, in which I broke,
I know the things I said to you weren't right."

"I think about you every night and day.
Your picture will always remain inside of my mind.
Within myself is where you will forever stay.
Until my soul leaves my body to die."

(Author's Note: This poem is dedicated to my grandmother, Margaret. She was suppose to live for nine more months, but the Lord took her spirit after two weeks of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I will always love and cherish her. The closeness we shared will always be a happy and wonderful memory to me. Grandma, you were my rock when you were alive; and now, even though you are not alive anymore, you are my everything. I wish I become more like you were. We will be together again someday, in Heaven.)