The words they fall,

Like teacups out of the Mad Hatter's Hat.

They shimmer between the realms of reality and dreams.

Some have the ring of truth in them,

While others a veiled nightmare.

Was this really the way we had to end the fairytale?

The tears smack against the china plates,

As cracks around us begin to burst open.

The world we built, the one that stood so strong.

Is now crumpling in our hands,

And all I can do is watch you fall down.

Your screams still reach me in my nightmares.

The end of make believe as only we knew it,

While we drifted apart into some foreign land, called Purgatory.

This endless state of limbo, not knowing where I stand.

Until I fall and land back in Wonderland.

Where the nightmares and the dreams merge into one,

And all I can do is scream and scream hoping you'll hear me,

Like I heard you before.