Everyone is caught up in their own fairy-tale,

Their own personal wonderland,

Everyone that is,

Except me,

Just me,

Me, myself and I.


It is only me that is feeling down,

It's only me that is sad,

In a world where everyone else lives in wonderland,

And have their own fairy-tales that come true,

It is like when theirs were written,

Mine was left out.


I don't know whether,

That was on purpose or by accident,

But I do know that no one bothered,

To write a fairy-tale,

Or a version of wonderland for me,

No one has bothered with me.


I am alone,

I am the only one that is sad,

In a world of happiness and admiration,

I am not currently part of a fairy-tale,

But theoretically,

I could create one.