Some girls are brainless,

While I so fearless,

They are so weak!

(So to speak)

But then again,

We're not the same,

Like Lily; she's so vain,

She reeks of snottiness fame,

Hence we hate each other,

I try and try to smother her,

As she tortures me with her ways,

And so it has been for days.

I remember soft Louie,

Her curse word is 'phooey!',

Sensitive and touchy,

And dumbly awful fluffy.

Ms Pretty wasn't nice,

A best friend of Lily, those mice!

They say 'The surefire hotty,'

More like, 'Surefire snotty!'

More vain than that of Lily,

Though her only line is 'Really?'

Polly, then Molly,

I always say 'Oh wholly!'

They are quite too nosy,

And their cheeks are much much rosy!

Telly Telly,

On the jelly,

One moment, ev'rything joy,

Oh, she's all 'oh boy!'

Then, out of the blue,

She goes and spits on one's shoes!

Hm? ME, you say?

Oh whoa, I'm never gray,

But I'm an awful lot of fun,

And make things bright as the sun!

I'm proud of that, oh yes I am

For who can call me 'ma'am'

To a girl with loads of brothers,

Mixed up persons of another's

And, ah well

I can't tell

I do know, though,

That I don't have no woe!

If you couldn't tell, it's about some young tomboy prob'ly from Huckleberry Fin & Tom Sawyer's times, and I guess this is a little kiddy. Still, review please? (=)