Slice of Life Prologue

The United Democratic Regions of Civitas Popularis or UDRCP is a country filled with mixed nationalities and has an excellent yet mixed government system depending what region it is. The country is divided into five regions: the East, north, southern islands, west, and central. Each region has a unique lifestyle in everyday life.

The capital of UDRCP is Capitol City, which is located in Central. Most of the region of Central is metropolitan; houses are rarely built and only tall infrastructures are seen, usually condominiums and business buildings. The region is the most modern among the four regions, the center of entertainment and technology roams around its streets almost everyday.

In the north, Ridgewood, the name of the Northern Region, has a quiet atmosphere with a rich history. It is basically dominated with a mountainous terrain and deciduous forests. It is also a major exportation in wood and precious metals. Ridgewood also is proud of its history, being the first region to form the United Democratic Regions of Civitas Popularis before moving to Central. Another one is that it has the richest education, having seven prestigious universities of the country.

At the Eastern Region, the name of it is Oriental, is a major fishing export of the country. The region is crammed with poorly built cottages and numerous boats, since it is a fishing region. It is also the most dangerous region because the crime rate is exceedingly high compare to Central, usually the residents who live there are mostly criminals. But ton he bright side, they are very friendly and welcome tourists into their fishing towns, but they are advice to be cautous.

The Southern Islands is a region of many tropical islands and famous for its recreational sights. Only the rich can afford summerhouses in the Southern Islands and the best place to hang out during the school breaks and holidays.

The Western Region, also called Occidental, is a region where it is the head of industrialization and agriculture of the UDRCP. It is an open area where average size buildings are built and farmlands were a common sight in the highway. Occidental has many towns but its regional capital, Machina, is the only city of its on region.

This region, Occidental, will be the main setting of the story, a story of a young man who faces problems of his high school life, problems involving not only his academic grade, but also his personal life and struggles in moving in to a new region he never been.

The path of a bumpy road will end at the smooth pavement of success.

This is the story of Richard Macintosh.