Slice of Life Chapter IV
Science Project

"Do you happen to buy some materials for the project?" Sophia asked.

"Nope" Richard answered rather bluntly.

She smacked him in the head with a thick book in annoyance. "Then it's useless without any materials you dope!"

"Well I'm sorry" Richard apologized sarcastically, massaging his head. "Someone did not tell me to list down the materials nor the list itself yesterday."

"Well, you did not even mention about it to me!" Sophia argued.

Richard and Sophia, as usual, are arguing about their chemistry project in their classroom. They are not much people who were in the classroom that much.

From the distance, Francis was rather giggling about their "heated" conversation while Ellen was busy writing down the materials needed for their project.

"Even though they did not introduced themselves properly," Ellen observed without looking at the bickering duo. "They do get along very much, despite the fact Sophia would be a bit bossy and that guy being too defensive."

"That would be Richard, my dear" Francis corrected. "I never seen him argue with her that badly. Most of the guys would run away in frustration or in fright because of Sophia but not Richard."

She nodded in agreement. "Let's focus more on the project than them."

"Changing the subject, eh?"


It was lunchtime when the school bell rang. Everyone in the Third Year building ate lunch in the cafeteria. Some ate their lunches outside since the cafeteria is now packed with starving students.

Richard, Francis and Vincent ate at the benches outside. The sun was shining and the sky is partly covered with white clouds.

"How's Sophia?" Francis asked casually, taking a bite from his turkey sandwich.

"She reminds me of my mom back in Central" Richard grumbled in response, biting a portion of his chicken. "Sophia orders me around like a slave and I often get yelled at."

"So why not ditch her?" Vincent suggested thoughtfully. "You can tell that to Sir Bill."

"If I did, I might hurt her feelings," he replied. "And Sir Bill won't allow it without since he said that there will be no individual work."

Francis whistled. "That would make sense."

"Wait did he said that?" Vincent wondered.

"How about you Francis?" Richard asked. "Did you get along with Ellen?"

"Despite the fact she always turns down my words of infatuation" Francis answered aimlessly. "We had a decent conversation about you two."


"Nothing. Just saying that your lunch looks delicious."

Behind the trio, Sophia and Ellen too were eating their lunches, sitting down in a patch of grass.

"Aren't you a little bit harsh on Richard since yesterday?" Ellen asked. "I know he may look like a bit of a dumbo-"

"Yes I am aware of that" Sophia cuts in. "But if I were to lash him out too harshly, the idiot might cry like a baby."

"Sophia" she said, looking straight into her eyes. "Are you deliberately hurting the guy's feelings or you actually like him what's-so-ever?"

"Am I now? Hardly."

Ellen sighed. "Perhaps you do."

Before the science period starts in the afternoon, Richard went to the Campus' Supplies Office to buy the necessary materials for the science project. Afterwards, he proceeds to go to the classroom and presented it to Sophia.

"Here" Richard said, putting the supplies in her desk. "I brought the materials needed for the science project."

Sophia looked at the supplies for a while. From the Supplies Office, he bought:

Chicken wire,

A set of glue sticks for the glue gun (Sophia has one),

1/8 illustration board,

Small Styrofoam balls, and

Red, blue and yellow poster paints

Sophia took a piece of paper from her desk and compared the one listed on the paper she wrote and the things Richard bought at the Supplies Office.

"You bought everything from the list" she said rather impressed.

Richard made a chuckle and scratches his head in embarrassment.

"By the way, how are you able to buy the supplies without the list?" Sophia wondered suspiciously. "I don't remember ever giving you a list nor did I mentioned it to you."

"I took the liberty to look at your desk and found the list before you left" Richard replied without hesitation. "Then after lunch, I immediately went to the Supplies office and bought the materials. Luckily, it was about 5 minutes before class could start."

Then, without warning, Sophia smashed a thick book on his head. "You idiot!" she shouted. "You could have ask me about it during lunch."

"Ow!" Richard cried in pain, rubbing his head. "What was that for?"

"You look into my desk without my permission" Sophia responded.

"Well you were in a hurry to eat your lunch" he excused. "And you left quickly before I could ask you."

"Then why didn't ask me during lunch?" she questioned.

"I can't find you in the cafeteria."

"I was behind you, you idiot!"

Their argument was so noisy that the whole class began to take notice and listened with great interest. But, as soon as Sir Bill arrived to his classroom, the first thing he did was observe the fight between Richard and Sophia.

Sir Bill sighed. "Mister Macintosh and Miss Masters" he called. "Please tone down your quarrel a little bit so I can discuss my topics in peace."

Sir Bill gave a thirty-minute lecture about the parts of an atom and the electron configuration. He then gave the students the rest of his period to finish their science project.

Francis and Ellen worked on their science project that is all about three main properties of chemistry. With Francis' drawing skills and Ellen's intelligence, their project was a success. There was a huge drawback in their project though: teasing Ellen often distracts Francis and she reprimands him sternly.

Vincent, being the only student without a partner, wittingly made a song about the Periodic Table of Elements. He first discusses the importance of the Periodic Table before he sang. His singing voice wooed the female students and made the boys sing along with him, including Francis.

As for Richard and Sophia, their project on the atom model was fine. They cooperated quite well although they would tend to argue about the atom's significance on chemistry.

"Finally it's done" Richard said in relief. "Now I can rest in peace."

He threw his bag on the floor in his room at the dormitory. Richard's dorm room is not that messy since he first arrived in Peterson High weeks ago. It was roomy and comforting: there was a bed with a nightstand next to it, a clean kitchen

His phone rang. "Hello?"

"Oh hey Mother" Richard greeted. "Made new friends? Yeah I made a couple of them and they remind me back in Central High."

"I'm still ok Mother," he said reassuringly. "I got over with it already. Don't worry; I won't go suicidal again I promise."

Richard took a photo from his suitcase and placed it at the nightstand. It was a picture of him and a certain girl around his age. They don't appear wearing the same uniform in Peterson High. Instead, it is the uniform of his old school, Central High.

Richard wears a white polo shirt with a red sweater vest, navy blue pants and leather shoes. He has an emblem of on his shirt, a head of an eagle looking all mighty in the golden frame.

The girl, on the other hand, wears a long sleeved shirt and a red blouse. She too has the same emblem on her shirt. The girl has hazelnut colored hair with a red headband. Her round glasses covers her green kind eyes.

"By the way, How's Anastasia?"